27 February 2012

Dunkin Donut by Safwan


Today, 26/12/2012 would be the first post made by me as a representative from the Golden Donut Sdn Bhd group. It is best to say that indeed I'm the only one having broadband facility and the wi-fi connection in the administration office....ok here it is... 

Everything went on good, boys and girls manage to get accomodation in Taman Keramat Permai (AU1) and Taman Setiawangsa respectively. Perhaps the first day, I think I would collapse walking from home to the production facility  as our house is located around 4 km walking distance and the terrain to walk is challenging. Alhamdulillah, the boys managed to get to the facility by time. The first day, me (safwan), acap, faizol, myra, kak da, and dila met another three students from UMT namely shima, aloha and sue. Instructed to fill the form given, I had been called by Miss Sharon (HR Manager) to the administration office to meet Encik Yusoh bin Jaapar (Store and Inventory Manager). At the time, I'm the first to know that I had been placed to be the assistant to him 

Other boys located to the kitchen together with the UMT girls (all of them) and our girls were located to the outlets at KL Sentral (myra and kak da) and Kompleks PERNAS SOGO (dila). We met Mr Raafi bin Osman, who would supervise us through our time here including other
personnel as well namely Mr Shaftiarlis, Miss Munirah, Miss Jay, Miss Chang and lots of others. Perhaps, they even asked about the seniors (their seniors, not mine, but its okay for me) and yeah, the respond I got from them were well, the seniors were excellent at the time they were here and perhaps we'll do the same too!~ 

I can see Acap (Asyraf) now become a pro in donut production while Faizol became the one who checked this and that. Me? I do all the adminstrative work regarding supplies as supplies that came from the plant is distributed throughout the country to the kitchens (other
kitchens are located at JB and Tapah) and outlets. I involved in the sales and production projection and perhaps more story to come from us..> 

P/S: Acap and I made a surprise visit to KL Sentral DD (Dunkin Donuts) today. Myra and Kak Da seems to be surprised and Acap was not so surprised looking at the Donuts on the shelves as they were mostly made by him!~ hahaha