22 April 2012

From Dunkin Donuts


I think today I have some time to update you on things happening here. 
For me, my life full of busy office works. Acap and Faizol still on 
the production line, but this time acap went on to move into the night 
shift on 7pm until 3 am. Faradila is in SOGO while Roshaida and 
Noramyra still in KL SENTRAL. 

Acap- Apparently due to lack of manpower in the night shift, acap was 
transfered to the shift till today. Acap also held responsible over 
the Low G.I bakery products research in which uses low G.I flour mix 
consisting of low protein flour added with seeds of sunflower (as far 
as I know). I'll let him use my motorbike as Faizol and I are using 
car so that we do not have any transport problems. Things are well 
here for acap I think. 

Faizol-He's good at production line now. I think he'd settled down and 
worked well. Sometimes when I got busy with office job, he actually 
helped me out counting the throw aways. 

Me: Me? Ordinary busy life in the office with new outlets opening at 
TBS (Bandar Tasik Selatan) and other three at Malacca. I also been 
given the job to make projection, sales sheets, HALAL documentation, 
stocks for entire Malaysia and Singapore outlets. and throw away 
analysis. Today is one of the busiest day here, people scrambled in 
and out looking for stocks here and there, HALAL documentation needs 
to be submitted by today, all to be done today. I managed to do some 
of it and the latter will be taken care tomorrow. 

Myra: I seem to know that myra was not well yesterday. Hope she's okay 
now. She rotated the shift with Kak da at KL Sentral. DD KL SENTRAL is 
located as opposed to the KFC in the second floor. Whenever I have 
free time, I'll visit KL SENTRAL too. 

Kak Da: Its about weeks I never heard of her. I hope she's okay. 
Perhaps she's busy handling outlets operations (big difference from 
here, difference challenges too). 

Faradila: I always saw her name on the throw away bags. Hahaha^^

    throw away means donat yang tidak habis, dibungkus dan dipulangkan kepada
    factory untuk dikira. Throw away berperanan penting untuk saya membuat
    projections, by mean prediction untuk donut yang akan dihantar ke
    outlet-outlet pada masa hadapan. Jika throw away count adalah tinggi, saya
    akan kurangkan jumlah donat keseluruhan yang akan diberi kepada outlet yang
    berkenaan. Optimum 10-15% throw away adalah yang terbaik.

13 April 2012

Ajinomoto by Nor Syakira

    Assalamualaikum and hi !
    Firstly, we’re deeply sorry for the late story from Ajinamoto.
    Actually, kitaorang kind of busy here (ok tipu), pura-pura busy.
    Hehe.. There’s thousand of things that we would like to share to you
    on what we’ve been go through, in about two months doing an internship
    at Aji.
    We’ve been placed at Production department, where at here people
    called it P2 or Tencho. In P2, it was divided into several sections,
    producing a different raw materials and products. We’ve been exposed
    on how Special Standard Operation (SOP) works, the quality system
    applied, their safety, quality and environmental concern, man power
    management, the theory behind the operation, and many more.
    Observation and understanding of industrial scale machine was done,
    rather than lab scale machine. At Aji, there’s a huge, seriously very
    huge spray dryer. There’s a stairs, that connect all the spray dryer
    components, and if you’re gayat, its better awal-awal give up jangan
    naik. Hehe...
    But, one important thing that you have to bear in your mind, tak kisah
    lah, time internship ke, time kerja nanti ke, BE NICE to people around
    you. Talkative also. Tapi, its kind of difficult maybe, lagi-lagi, all
    of sudden we have to be friends with people yang tak baya kita. You
    all know right? Yeah, its seriously mula-mula, I feels like malu-malu,
    susah nak masuk, feels like I have to always respect them, but, you
    know what, they all ok la. If we know them, sometimes they all pun
    huha huha jugak. But, the best things being a practical student, I can
    talk or friendly maybe to all worker levels. It doesn’t mean when
    you’re not a practical student, you can’t be friendly to all people.
    But, uhh I don’t know how to say it lah. Its means, we have more time,
    to berdiskusi or borak-borak maybe,hehe... For example, when we’re
    enters a production area, we talked, learned and asked to the
    operators and supervisors regarding to the operation procedure. Then,
    we discussed the theory behind the operation with the executive and
    manager of that production/section. So, all I can say is, people at
    Aji has help me a lot in learning and experiencing a new things.
    At Aji, we’re more focusing on observation and learn their operation
    in producing their products. There’s a HVP production, then from
    liquid HVP, they change it into HVP powder form by spray dryer.
    There’s a fluidized bed dryer, pasteurization, and many more things
    yang ada kat Aji, but not in our study. So, it better to selak-selak
    balik our Food Engineering, Principle of Food Processing, Unit
    Operation in Food Processing subject, when you are placed in
    production department.
    Besides, we have to work on our APS project, on how to improve
    packaging time in production. But, maybe next time, we’ll tell you
    more about this. And one more things that very very very important is,
    we do really miss you all, friends and all the lecturers in Unisza,
    especially all i <3 foodtech group members, hehe... 
    Keep in touch dear!

08 April 2012

Bumi HIjau by Raz Zarinda

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and greetings to everyone...

First of all, alhamdulilLAH, I am glad to hear an exciting experiences from everyone.
Myself, Raz Zarinda was placed in Bumi Hijau Food Industries sdn. Bhd in Tampoi,  Johor Baharu. For your information, I am the only practical students here. So you all can imagine how i am as a lone ranger faced the life here alone. So, the biggest thing that I learned here is how to survive.

The products here includes chilli sauce, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, black pepper sauce, sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce and another minor products.

Here, I do not feel that I am a food technology student as I was exposed to many departments here. They including :
-      Purchasing and planning department
-      Processing department
-      Store department
-      Packaging and production department
-      Quality control department

There is a lot of thing to de shared regarding these varieties of department. I have experienced many post here, multi-tasking as well as QA, QC, FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, STOREMAN, PURCHASER, CLERK, CLEANER, ACTOR and the most ‘exciting’ one is an OPERATOR.

Among those departments, let me share the job scope of quality control department as I was always attached and back-up to this department even I was in other department. Here, there is only one QA in this company which is Miss Isya, my beloved industrial supervisor.

In quality control department, I was supervised to
-undergoes food analysis ( viscosity, TTS, acidity )
-making research and development (R&D)
-monitoring pest control
-product return using Goods Return Notes
-update HALAL certification as well as COA ( Certificate of Analysis)
-raw material specification
-finished good specification

This is what I have done in just one of those department. So you all can imagine how many task overall.

However, I am so thankful to ALLAH for everything and I will accept everything with all of my heart. Many things I have learned here. So don’t worry, be happy. Values that must we have includes courage, motivated, humble, respectful, sociable as well as ‘redha’.

~’’Mayhappen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. ALLAH knows and you do not know "Qs AlBaqarah (2): 216~
~’’On no soul doth ALLAH place a burden greater than it can bear.’’ Qs AlBaqarah (2): 286~
I would like to pen off now. Thank you for reading and sorry for my miskakes.

Raz Zarinda Mohd Rashid

Zara Foodstuff by Siti Balqis

    Sorry for the late news from Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd. I had
    been here about 7 weeks and placed at QA department with a student
    industrial practical from UPM.
    For information, Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd was established
    from 1987 at Larkin, Johor Bahru. Food products of this company had
    name below Cap Kipas Udang brand. There are 4 products, namely Soya
    sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and Sri Kaya (coconut bread spread).
    In this company, giving jobs opportunities to 300-400 employees
    included office, fermentation, processing, and production.
    In QA department, there are QA Manager and three QA officer. One of
    the QA officer, En Azizol bin Salim that also our senior as my
    supervisor as long I’ve been here. The QA officers helped and give me
    guideline during in period of practical.
    The training modules developed by QA department:
    1. Introduction to QA department, quality control plan and process approaches
    2. On job training
    i. Soya Sauce
    ii. Tomato/ Chili Sauce and Sri Kaya
    iii. Production
    iv. Fermentation
    With the training modules, it helped me to understand scope, duties,
    and person in charge in the company regarding the overall processing,
    incoming material and end product.

    The Zara Foodstuff’s products not only market in our country, it also
    export to other countries like Singapore, Brunei, United Kingdom and
    Australia. For each country, there are different codes for each
    product. So at the 1st week, I had to remember codes for each
    For soya sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and Sri Kaya product, I had
    learned each process activity based on the process flow and quality
    control plan. There are daily in process quality control activity that
    has to do for soya sauce, chili sauce and tomato sauce.
    In fermentation area, I had learned from soy bean until it formed as
    ‘Koji’. ‘Koji’ fermented in fiberglass about 2- 3 month. I got chance
    to look the ‘Koji’ by climb with stair because the height of
    fiberglass about 2 feet. Leader of fermentation, Encik Rizal
    explained about process of ferment soy bean from 1st method until get
    the ‘ Moromi’. Workers at this fermentation area also help me to
    understand about the process of fermentation. Inoculum needed to
    ferment the soy bean usually made by QA officer, Encik Azizol. He
    explain how to make the inoculum and I had did the starter with my
    practical mate. In processing making the inoculum, precaution step
    applied due to handling with Aspergillus oryzae that may will give
    infection to human and the inoculum may not in good condition. Some of
    equipment that used is autoclave and laminar flow. Even made the
    inoculum takes time, but I really excited because it’s an important
    ingredient in fermentation.
    Processing area divided into three parts, soya sauce, chili/tomato
    sauce and Sri Kaya. Biggest part of processing area is processing main
    product that is soya sauce. For each step of processing, I had chance
    to look the workers did the soya sauce. For each step, the sample will
    analyse by QAO, but now the sample check by my practical and I to make
    sure the soy sauce follow specification that fixed by QA department.
    For soya sauce:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    pH meter : pH and temperature
    Baume hydrometer: Specific gravity
    Salinometer : Salinity
    For 1st week, it difficult to me to differentiate sweet soya sauce and
    salty soya sauce by not tasted the soya sauce. But, now I already know
    to differentiate both of them and familiar with the taste soya sauce
    I had learned making the chili and tomato sauce by leader of chili
    sauce and tomato sauce, Encik Salleh. There are two types of grinder
    that used to grind the ingredients used. Sample of chili and tomato
    sauces also have to check before and after cooking process. I also had
    to taste the sample for every batch of sauce. So, I can know either
    the sauce acceptable with the specification. For chili sauce and
    tomato sauce:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    Consistometer : Consistencsy
    Viscometer : Viscosity
    pH meter : pH
    Sri Kaya ( Cocunut bread spread) used steam-jacketed barrel to cook.
    The product also has to check after cooking process like sauce. For
    Sri Kaya:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    Taste, texture and colour.
    InsyaAllah, next update, I will share to you all about production,
    others experience and project that given by my supervisor.

05 April 2012

Working Life Short Story

Working Life Short Story

Disclaimer: This short story is merely creation for life enhancement and has no relation with any individual (live or dead). If the story coincidence with any individual’s experience, it is just a coincidence.

Story 1:


Individual A: Eh…teruklah kerja kat sini…gaji dah lah sikit, kerja bertimbun tak habis2.

Individual B: Apa boleh buat, kita ini orang bawahan je…bukan macam orang atasan. Rilek je kerja, duduk dalam ofis, mengarah orang buat kerja dan tunggu gaji masuk…

Individual A: Pandai je mereka mengarah-arah orang buat kerja, bukan kerja kita pun dia suruh kita buat. Jawatan kita QC exec, patutnya buat kerja QC je la, sekarang kita kena buat jugak kerja check stock, membersihkan “makmal” dan pejabat, pantau pekerja processing buat kerja dan nak pulak result analisis cepat. Dia ingat kita ni Superman ke Wonder Woman!

Individual B: Eh…masa rehat dah tamat, baik masuk kerja sekarang. Kalau tak, kena marah pulak nanti.

*Dua bulan kemudian, syarikat tersebut bankrup disebabkan strategi pemasaran yang lemah dan produk makanan yang tidak diminati pelanggan, iaitu Kerepek Ubi Kentang Perisa Cili Padi bercampur Wasabi. Dua orang pekerja tersebut kemudian bekerja di syarikat lain.

Moral of the story:
Orang atasan mungkin mendapat pulangan yang lumayan sekiranya strategi pemasaran yang betul dan idea produk mereka bersesuaian dengan kehendak pengguna. Akan tetapi, orang atasan juga yang akan menanggung kerugian yang banyak sekiranya apa yang dirancang tidak mencapai hasil yang dikehendaki. Kita mungkin lihat mereka duduk je, tetapi otak mereka tengah buat kerja (risau sales yang teruk, bagaimana nak menaikkan sales, tak dapat logo halal lagi, bagaimana nak improve produk yang sedia ada, atau nak tambah produk baru, dan lain-lain).

Madura from Siti Hajar Sahidi & Siti Nur Mohd Hanafi)

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone... 
This is the first post from us (Siti Hajar Sahidi & Siti Nur Mohd 
Hanafi) at Madura Industry. Madura Industry is a company that produce 
the product carbonated drinks. 

On our 1st day, we were introduced to 
our supervisor which is a R&D officer. For the first week, we were 
given task which is to develop HACCP manual for the company. This 
company already got GMP so they want us to help them get HACCP. We are 
supposed to present our work about the HACCP but due to other works 
that were given to us; the presentation was postponed to unknown date. 
On this week also, we were showed by our supervisor how R&D department 
do their work. We learnt how they do samples of drinks according to 
the formulation and the variances that they want to observed. 

For the 2nd week, we were told to do some formulation of their new 
product (Sparkling) according to the formulations that were given to 
us. The samples that were done were kept at different condition. We 
had to check the Brix value, salt level and pH for every sample that 
we did and observed the changes that occurred to the samples every 

On the 3rd week, we were ordered to go to the production area to help 
the process of making S. Salak from fruit to finish good. At the same 
time, we also enter the syrup blending room and inspect every 
ingredient that was going to be weight. We also went to filling room 
where carbonated drinks were filled and help out over there. From this 
week, we had to rotate our work with the other practical students. 

For the 4th week, we were asked to do stability test by taking 7 
bottles of sparkling finished good from the processing area and placed 
them at different conditions. The stability test were done for S. 
Pomegranate 8/3/12, S. Guava 5/3/12 and S. Guava 6/3/12. On this week, 
we also had to remove the pineapple skin due to lack of production 
workers to make pineapple juice which is used to make S. Pineapple. We 
also need to do some checking on the salt level, Brix reading and pH 
of sparkling finished good. 

The 5th week was not too busy as we only had to make 3 formulation of 
isotonic and each formulation need to be triplicate. Daily observation 
was made for each and every sample of the isotonic. Then we had to do 
documentation of GMP for GT Bioscience, sub-factory of Madura which 
produce cosmetic products. 

On the 6th week, we learnt how to use a manual autoclave which we 
guessed not being used by other factory anymore to sanitize the 
apparatus that we want to use for microbe test. We also learnt how to 
do microbe test by using Sim Plate which looked like the agar plate 
but not using the agar. We transfer the heavy autoclave from the R&D 
lad at Madura to the IPQC lab at GT bioscience and vice versa. In this 
week also, we learnt to do microbe test by using RIDA count sheet 
which looks like Petri film. 

For the 7th week, we went to GT Bioscience to record the results of 
our microbe test on the production product. We also study about new 
analysis test and do some short notes on the procedures. Then Siti Nur 
was asked to go to GT Bioscience to help our supervisor do formulation 
for cosmetic cream, product of GT bioscience. On this week also Hajar 
went to R&D lab to do pectin analysis while Siti Nur still not done 
with the cosmetic product. The works at GT bioscience continue until 
night. On Sunday of this week, Siti Nur still had to go to GT 
Bioscience to continue on the production of the cosmetic cream while 
Hajar continue on pectin test for other sample (basically S. Guava and 
its juice). On this week also, we did the microbe test using the Sim 
Plate for Total Plate Count (TPC). We also did the colour simulation 
for the sparkling product to get the same colour as the real 
production products (S. Pomegranate, S. Guava and S. Salak). Plus, we 
had to make formulation of sparkling by using the colour simulation 
that we did earlier. 

03 April 2012

World Prominence by Nurul Hasanah

    Salam to everyone.

    First of all, we are very sorry because we does not updated
    our story for the past few weeks in World Pominence. This is because we are
    having a good time doing practical until forgot to update what we have doing
    there..hehe..Actually, for the past few weeks, we learnt too many new things
    that we only can get from experience not from attending classes. 
    The first one was, we experienced how it is not easy to
    control a machine. Specifically the machine to produce bottled drinking water. In
    drinking water production site, there were three types of machine that we
    already familiar with. The first one was the linear rinser auto machine. Those machine
    can rinsed 13 bottles at a time. Sometime, if we do not adjusted the nozzle
    that used to rinsed the bottles, or the bottles are not enough to be rinsed, we
    may get wet because the water splash on us. Secondly was the auto filler
    machine. This machine may fill eight bottles at a time before it was capped by
    using air cap, the tool that tightens the bottles cap. Then, the third machine
    in this area was label shrink packager machine where it functions to shrink the
    bottle label so that it fit nicely on the bottles. After those process
    completed, the bottled water was then packed within box.
    Besides that, as MIHAS just around the corner, we are busy
    in helping team management to produce their new product which where Papaya
    Chilli Sauce and ‘Mee Bandung’ paste. We had help Mr. Jamal to produce both
    product from preparing the raw materials, cooking and also packing. For Papaya
    sauce, it was filled into the glass bottle while it is hot where the bottles was
    first sterilized and straight away cap. When those bottled sauces getting cool,
    they were then labeled and seal manually. For Bandung paste, when it was completely
    cooked, it then packed also while it still hot and then sealed. Besides this
    two product, they also having other new products which were Sudee Tomyam and Sudee Multifunction Seasoning. All this product will be introduced officially
    to people during MIHAS. Last but not least, there was other new product that
    will be developed soon which was based on ‘Masak Asam Pedas’ and yellow
    noodles. Hopefully, we are still there when they develop those two new
    I think, that’s all from us for the time being. We will
    update our new story further. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit MIHAS
    on 7th April, Saturday as it will be open to public. Don’t forget to
    come to our booth as we will be there to experienced how to meet people at big
    exhibition like MIHAS and also to help the team to promote the new product.

    Love to see you guys there!!!

27 March 2012

AJ Food Industries by Nasihah and Akmal

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all. Sorry for the late respond. I’m glad
to hear sharing from others; all the experiences are soOo interesting,
compared to us maybe (hoho T_T). 

 Before I’ll start sharing our experiences here, let me introduces the company first. AJ Food Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd was registered on 1998. This company was the pioneer among Bumiputra Companies to be involved in the local production of salad mayonnaise, under the brand name ‘JASMA'. Jasma first and main product is salad mayonnaise under named ‘MAYO BITES’. Now they also produce other products like the local favorite chilli sauce and the more contemporary Malaysian flavours- the pasta sauce and barbeque sauce. Jasma’s salad mayonnaise, chilli sauce, pasta sauce and barbeque sauce have been endorsed with the HALAL certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam (JAKIM). The company is in the process of research and development (R &D) and registering of its new product, cheesy mayo. 

 Ok, now back to the main topics, our activities here… 

AJ Food industries need to renew their GMP license for factory in meru and apply GMP for their new factory at KIMAR, Batu Cave. So for the first 2 week, we have been given a task to edit the manual GMP for factory in Meru, and fulfill all record / make sure all records are fulfilled. But before starting editing the manual, we have to make a presentation about GMP and what we’ve learned in seminar with Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia last semester. We’re also need to present our planning, what we want to do and involve during three months of training here (in AJ food). After the
presentation we’ve struggling to complete editing the GMP’s manual for factory in Meru. 

Next, for third, 4th and fifth week, we have been placed at factory in Batu Cave. Our main task here is to make a new GMP manual and create a GMP environment. Other than doing GMP’s manual, tasks we’re doing are: 
  • Involve in production. Especially in filling and sealing the product 
  • Housekeeping, in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of this factory and product. 
  • Manage and handle the process of delivery good to customers. 
  • Sensory test for new product- cheesy mayo 

Our next event is, we will join MIHAS (do a promotion) - on 4th-7th of April 2012.
Don’t forget to visit Jasma’s booth and try a new coming product from Jasma J 

Ok, that’s all, to be continue with more interesting experience and story, 

insyaAllah J 
from AJ, 
Nasihah and Akmal 

Rikevita by farhana amanina


Lot of experience has been shared by others….and I think all the experience are really exciting..and I wish I was there.. 
I (Farhanah Amanina) and Norazaira has been placed at Rikevita Sdn. Bhd. Rikevita Sdn. Bhd. is a Japan company, and for Malaysia plant, they are producing emulsifier and stabilizer and their products have been used by many food companies all around the world. 

This company policy is effectively utilizing abundant material, so, this company is utilizing our abundant resources such as palm oil, coconut oil and soya bean. These resources are main raw materials for their products. I and Azai have been placed in a separated department, me at technical service and azai at emulsifier preparation department. 
At technical service department I learnt to do sample sending to the customer, while azai is helping in production. 

Our practical session not only at this department, but we will also do practical at other department. 1st and 2nd week at technical service section 
  • do sample sending, include weighted and packed the sample into its packaging material and     arranged the sample to be transported to the customer 3rd week at quality control lab 
  • Quality control section do analysis such as iodine value, saponification value, Tocopherol test, acid value, particle size test, microbial test and many more 
  • the test that they have to carry on depends on the products specification. 
  • every batch or point during processing, production staff have to send their sample to QC lab to be  analyzed 
  • very exciting test is where I made cake to check the specific gravity and the effectiveness of the emulsifier (tak sia-sia belajar bakery last sem..hehe) 

4th and 5th week at Esterified, Monoglyceride and Acylated (EMA) process department. 
  • production for intermediate products 
  • some products that produced by EMA can be used by EP process to make emulsifier 
  • some products by EMA also are used for other industry such as plastic industry 
  • the processes at EMA is fully automatic and can be monitored by using human interference      system (HIS), through the diagram, the technician know whether the process is on the right   track or not. If something goes wrong the alarm will sound. 
  • there are batch and continuous process, converting liquid to powder by using spray cooling. 
  • take a look at their HACCP flow diagram and the CCP. Their major concern is on foreign material and metal 

JKNK by Fauzan


We would like to share our experience during industrial training at JKNK (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kelantan).  We were placed at Food Safety and Quality Laboratory at Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  There are 10 students altogether doing practical here, 4 from POLISAS, 1 from UniKL, 3 from UMT, and of course two of us, Maryami Ibrahim and Fauzan Junoh from UniSZA. 

Although our base is at FSQ lab, doesn’t mean that we’ll only be working in the lab.  For your information, there are three parts or division in here, which are laboratory, industry, and also promotion.  The laboratory section is divided into two, the microbiology and chemistry lab.  For the industry division, it involves auditing the factory and also SLPM (Sekolah Latihan
Pengendali Makanan), while promotion involves organizing exhibition to educate the public about food safety, such as at the school. 

Upon arriving here, we were explained roughly about what we’ll be doing for our 15 weeks of practical by the head of laboratory, Pn.Natrah bt Abu Bakar. We’ll be put under microbiology analysis for 1month and chemical analysis
for 2 and ½ month.  In between that, we’ll also be going for factory auditing and promotion, roughly for about ½ month. 

That’s all for our first sharing.