27 February 2012

Adi Food Industries by Abdul Hadi

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone! 

I would like to share my experience during the first week in Adi Food Industries Sdn Bhd, which is located at Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu. 

For your information, Adi Food Industries Sdn Bhd produces salty and coated peanut, under  the brand ‘Kruncher!’. The first task that I have to do is to ensure the company gets the Halal certificate as soon as possible, as the Halal certificate is very  crucial in order to ensure we get the place in the market. According to the owner/manager/ the boss;  Mr Hadi Che Abdullah,  the Halal certificate is required when we are dealing with the wholesalers and traders. It’s really true, and the Halal certificate also bring our product to much higher level. 

As it become my responsibility to ensure that we get the Halal certificate, I started with the Manual PJKM (Program Jaminan
Keselamatan Makanan) . This manual is the least requirement for Halal certificate, followed with GMP and HACCP. It requires a lot of documentation and recording system as well as corrective action for the processing line, workers, and premises. I wish I had the chance to give thanks to kak Tengku Farhana and Kak Dila for their helps and guidance. 

After reading the manual PJKM, I visited the processing plant to see the real situation. The premise is neat, but there are certain things that did not meet the standard requirement and have to be corrected. Now, I have to ensure the premise and system meet the standard requirement. Latest news from me will be updated soon. xoxo 

Abdul Hadi Rahman