26 February 2012

World Prominence by Nurul Hasanah & Amira Fatma

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all. 

This post will contains from both of our experinces in World Prominence; Nurul Hasanah and Amirah Fatma..

We are glad to share our experience for the first week as practical student in World Prominence. For the first day, we have been introduce to the family of World Prominence and also brief about the company product and their achievements through out the years of their operations. Then, we are given all the SOP of manufacturing for all products which are the drinking water and spices to be study before we going to the production area. Furthermore, we also have been bring by our supervisor to visit the area of production of spices and drinking water and been introduce to all the operators and visited their warehouse which was the place of receiving raw material, storage place and place of bottle making. 

For this first week, we have been given a task to prepare a GMP presentation to be present to the operator of the factory. We'd been given a month in order to finish this task.Besides, we had joined the water sampling training that have been given by Miss Liza which is the
company Quality Assurance. From that training, we have been exposed to the water sampling technique that need to be done before the filling process be done. 

Besides that, we were also given a task by our company to help them in preparing HACCP manufacturing SOP for their new products; Sudee Rasa and Sudee Perencah Tomyam. This task will be completed by us through this 3 months of industrial training. Hopefully all informations that have been gained during the HACCP's seminar may help us to complete
the task together with the guidelines given by our supervisor. 

Other than that, we had experienced ourselves at the warehouse in labelling the bottles before being filled at the production site of the bottled drinking water. It was a simple task but yet without the helping by other experienced operators, we could not done that in a right ways. There, we're also watched how a bottle was made. At the warehouse, they only produced a 350 mL bottle size and other sizes of bottle would be supplied by the supplier. For second week of training, we will be bring at the production site and fully involve in the
production of their products; bottled drinking water and spices. This will help us in applied and understand each SOP read before. In addition, this will help us to know whether they actually followed the manual that have been prepared.