27 March 2012

MPOB by Faridah Hanim

salam everyone.. 

We are now  in MPOB(Malaysia Palm Oil Board) Bangi. Sorry for being late update our experiences in MPOB to this group .We are now located under department of food technology and also known OFTECH here. We need to do analysis related to the oil and their products. Actually both of us are not supervised by same person. Each of our supervisors is specialized for certain products. Hanim’s supervisor is the person who is researching on margarine whereas jannah's supervisor is the person who are specialize in ice cream and mayonnaise. So, our tasks are based on their specification. 

Now, Hanim is doing one of my supersivor's PhD projects which is analysis of commercial raw material such as palm stearin with various IV (iodine value) and PMF (Palm Mid Fraction) .In the 3rd week, she got  32 samples to be analyzed. The analysis has been asked are SFC(SOLID FAT CONTENT), IV(IODINE VALUE),SMP (SLIP MELTING POINT), TAG (TRIACYLGLICERIDE composition ) and FAC (FATTY ACID COMPOSITION). Sometimes, hanim also involved in margarine and shortening production. 

Whereas, Jannah in the developing mayonnaise project. EH is to produce healthy mayonnaise by reducing the egg yolk content with soy protein isolate. Due to we work with MPOB, of course lahhh she had to use the palm oil instead of 100% soy bean oil. The palm oil olein need to be blend with soy bean oil, if 100% palm olein is used, the emulsion of mayonnaise will separate after one day Then the mayonnaise will be analyzed by basic physical analysis like pH, brix, viscosity, moisture content, rheologi, texture analysis and color. 

now we want to share about our place. for the first week here, we felt like stay in university. When we have free time, we spend our time in PMS(Pusat Maklumat Sawit) or library as well. We looked for information about palm oil and our projects. Foods are so affordable and delicious here. Honestly said it cheaper than foods in Terengganu. MPOB can be said as practical center for UPM’s students. Hahahhhh… we just 2 here from Unisza but more than 50 trainees are from UPM. So, for junior who want to do their practical in MPOB you may come more… J . Besides, almost every week we received visitors from overseas and Malaysia itself. So, you guys also welcome to visit here. that’s enough for now..will be continued… hehhehha