28 February 2011

From Faiza Marketing by Leya

Assalamualaikum to all foodtecheroes..

firstly,,during my second month here there are not much that i can share...
my works as i mention before is calculating the moisture content and color of each product, which are:
-Meat Curry
-Fish Curry
-Raja Curry
-Turmeric Powder
-Chilli Powder
and many more

we are using Mettler Toledo Moisture Analyzer to analyze the moisture content and Reflectance Tintometer for color detection. Beside that i must take several important data such as :
- Cold room temperature every morning and before going home
- The sealing temperature for each packaging machine and roaster at 10am and 4pm
- Daily inspection of packaging processes every 3 hours
- Daily inspection of whole processes
This factory using one type of  packaging machines which is Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines with different types of printing method. Printing is important to print the batch no and also the expired date for every products. There are ribbon printing and also inkjet printing. The ribbon printing is such conventional way instead of inkjet printing which is much faster and high technology.
For Grinding machine this factory use the cylindrical grinder. Its have multiple grinding wheels and sound so loud..hehe (hampir pekak). In this factory there 3 units of grinding machines which are handle by Pakistani (pakistan ni mata biru hehe). I am usually reminding all those Pakistani to stay hygiene and check the mixture trays before putting inside the grinders.
This factory do not apply GMP neither HACCP, so this is quite difficult to train the workers about CCP and others. Although this factory does not have both certificate, but now we are busy doing and implementing the 5S concept from the management department until production area.
Before i forgot, this month we have several visit from the Tabung Haji and also Media Prima. For your information, Faiza Spices supplying tonnes of spices like Dalca and Beriani every year during Hajj season.
And Faiza Rice also supplying and sponsoring rice for 'Bersamamu' tv program. They are entering the Quality Control Lab (my workplace) and ask a lot. From that, it train and manage the way we talk.
I think thats all from me,,
Nurliyana Ismadi