27 March 2012

JKNK by Fauzan


We would like to share our experience during industrial training at JKNK (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kelantan).  We were placed at Food Safety and Quality Laboratory at Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  There are 10 students altogether doing practical here, 4 from POLISAS, 1 from UniKL, 3 from UMT, and of course two of us, Maryami Ibrahim and Fauzan Junoh from UniSZA. 

Although our base is at FSQ lab, doesn’t mean that we’ll only be working in the lab.  For your information, there are three parts or division in here, which are laboratory, industry, and also promotion.  The laboratory section is divided into two, the microbiology and chemistry lab.  For the industry division, it involves auditing the factory and also SLPM (Sekolah Latihan
Pengendali Makanan), while promotion involves organizing exhibition to educate the public about food safety, such as at the school. 

Upon arriving here, we were explained roughly about what we’ll be doing for our 15 weeks of practical by the head of laboratory, Pn.Natrah bt Abu Bakar. We’ll be put under microbiology analysis for 1month and chemical analysis
for 2 and ½ month.  In between that, we’ll also be going for factory auditing and promotion, roughly for about ½ month. 

That’s all for our first sharing.