27 March 2012

MARDI by Nabilah & Nabilah Husna


Assalamualaikum to all of u.. 

I, Nabilah Husna and Nabilah have been industrial training at incubator of MARDI, Alor Setar. This incubator is about EXTRUSION PROCESS. Our supervisor is En. Rashidan Arifin also the Director of MARDI Alor Setar Station. The main based ingredient used of product is brown rice. At first, we are explained about first line and second line of extrusion process. First line called ‘direct expansion extrusion’ while second line called indirect expansion extrusion. Now, the company that having collaboration with MARDI in order to learn technology producing products from brown rice is Grain Season Sd. Bhd. They make chocolate toast puff as a breakfast cereal.  Grain Season want to make this product because of their awareness of heathy living that nowadays people prefer more . 

When, the Grain Season made production of their product, we will also involve starting from the receiving of raw material, grinding, sifting, formulation, mixing process, extrusion process, drying, cooling, coating until the packaging 
process.  We were also checked the quality of the product while the processing like check the moisture content and
water activity. For the first week , we were introduced to all machine there and right now we were able to handled several types of machines here.hoho 

. Besides that, we were given two task that must be completed within 6 weeks. I was given to produces HACCP 1 Malaysia manual for the Grain season product, while Nabilah needed to make GMP 1 Malaysia manual that also will be used by Grain Season. Ohhh, nervous…. Luckily, because we have being through KKM seminar last sem..alhamdulillah, we got several pictures for GMP and HACCP..=) we felt grateful for that. So, when there are no production, we will worked hard in order to completed the task..huhu. 

 Not just only make these manual, but we need to present it to all incubator and Grain Season staff. Maybe next week.. 
In addition, when there is entrepreneur comes in order to gain information, innovations and ideas from MARDI, we will involve too. For example, last week there are lecturers from Politeknik Tunku Syed Sirajuddin Perlis came, brings their product in order to know on how to innovating their products. Next time, En. Rashidan will pass to us to solve enterpreneur’s problem when they came.huhu 

Now, we were given the second task and need to be completed within 2 weeks. To be continued…
nabilah and husna