27 March 2012

Rikevita by farhana amanina


Lot of experience has been shared by others….and I think all the experience are really exciting..and I wish I was there.. 
I (Farhanah Amanina) and Norazaira has been placed at Rikevita Sdn. Bhd. Rikevita Sdn. Bhd. is a Japan company, and for Malaysia plant, they are producing emulsifier and stabilizer and their products have been used by many food companies all around the world. 

This company policy is effectively utilizing abundant material, so, this company is utilizing our abundant resources such as palm oil, coconut oil and soya bean. These resources are main raw materials for their products. I and Azai have been placed in a separated department, me at technical service and azai at emulsifier preparation department. 
At technical service department I learnt to do sample sending to the customer, while azai is helping in production. 

Our practical session not only at this department, but we will also do practical at other department. 1st and 2nd week at technical service section 
  • do sample sending, include weighted and packed the sample into its packaging material and     arranged the sample to be transported to the customer 3rd week at quality control lab 
  • Quality control section do analysis such as iodine value, saponification value, Tocopherol test, acid value, particle size test, microbial test and many more 
  • the test that they have to carry on depends on the products specification. 
  • every batch or point during processing, production staff have to send their sample to QC lab to be  analyzed 
  • very exciting test is where I made cake to check the specific gravity and the effectiveness of the emulsifier (tak sia-sia belajar bakery last sem..hehe) 

4th and 5th week at Esterified, Monoglyceride and Acylated (EMA) process department. 
  • production for intermediate products 
  • some products that produced by EMA can be used by EP process to make emulsifier 
  • some products by EMA also are used for other industry such as plastic industry 
  • the processes at EMA is fully automatic and can be monitored by using human interference      system (HIS), through the diagram, the technician know whether the process is on the right   track or not. If something goes wrong the alarm will sound. 
  • there are batch and continuous process, converting liquid to powder by using spray cooling. 
  • take a look at their HACCP flow diagram and the CCP. Their major concern is on foreign material and metal