27 March 2012

AJ Food Industries by Nasihah and Akmal

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all. Sorry for the late respond. I’m glad
to hear sharing from others; all the experiences are soOo interesting,
compared to us maybe (hoho T_T). 

 Before I’ll start sharing our experiences here, let me introduces the company first. AJ Food Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd was registered on 1998. This company was the pioneer among Bumiputra Companies to be involved in the local production of salad mayonnaise, under the brand name ‘JASMA'. Jasma first and main product is salad mayonnaise under named ‘MAYO BITES’. Now they also produce other products like the local favorite chilli sauce and the more contemporary Malaysian flavours- the pasta sauce and barbeque sauce. Jasma’s salad mayonnaise, chilli sauce, pasta sauce and barbeque sauce have been endorsed with the HALAL certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam (JAKIM). The company is in the process of research and development (R &D) and registering of its new product, cheesy mayo. 

 Ok, now back to the main topics, our activities here… 

AJ Food industries need to renew their GMP license for factory in meru and apply GMP for their new factory at KIMAR, Batu Cave. So for the first 2 week, we have been given a task to edit the manual GMP for factory in Meru, and fulfill all record / make sure all records are fulfilled. But before starting editing the manual, we have to make a presentation about GMP and what we’ve learned in seminar with Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia last semester. We’re also need to present our planning, what we want to do and involve during three months of training here (in AJ food). After the
presentation we’ve struggling to complete editing the GMP’s manual for factory in Meru. 

Next, for third, 4th and fifth week, we have been placed at factory in Batu Cave. Our main task here is to make a new GMP manual and create a GMP environment. Other than doing GMP’s manual, tasks we’re doing are: 
  • Involve in production. Especially in filling and sealing the product 
  • Housekeeping, in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of this factory and product. 
  • Manage and handle the process of delivery good to customers. 
  • Sensory test for new product- cheesy mayo 

Our next event is, we will join MIHAS (do a promotion) - on 4th-7th of April 2012.
Don’t forget to visit Jasma’s booth and try a new coming product from Jasma J 

Ok, that’s all, to be continue with more interesting experience and story, 

insyaAllah J 
from AJ, 
Nasihah and Akmal