03 April 2012

World Prominence by Nurul Hasanah

    Salam to everyone.

    First of all, we are very sorry because we does not updated
    our story for the past few weeks in World Pominence. This is because we are
    having a good time doing practical until forgot to update what we have doing
    there..hehe..Actually, for the past few weeks, we learnt too many new things
    that we only can get from experience not from attending classes. 
    The first one was, we experienced how it is not easy to
    control a machine. Specifically the machine to produce bottled drinking water. In
    drinking water production site, there were three types of machine that we
    already familiar with. The first one was the linear rinser auto machine. Those machine
    can rinsed 13 bottles at a time. Sometime, if we do not adjusted the nozzle
    that used to rinsed the bottles, or the bottles are not enough to be rinsed, we
    may get wet because the water splash on us. Secondly was the auto filler
    machine. This machine may fill eight bottles at a time before it was capped by
    using air cap, the tool that tightens the bottles cap. Then, the third machine
    in this area was label shrink packager machine where it functions to shrink the
    bottle label so that it fit nicely on the bottles. After those process
    completed, the bottled water was then packed within box.
    Besides that, as MIHAS just around the corner, we are busy
    in helping team management to produce their new product which where Papaya
    Chilli Sauce and ‘Mee Bandung’ paste. We had help Mr. Jamal to produce both
    product from preparing the raw materials, cooking and also packing. For Papaya
    sauce, it was filled into the glass bottle while it is hot where the bottles was
    first sterilized and straight away cap. When those bottled sauces getting cool,
    they were then labeled and seal manually. For Bandung paste, when it was completely
    cooked, it then packed also while it still hot and then sealed. Besides this
    two product, they also having other new products which were Sudee Tomyam and Sudee Multifunction Seasoning. All this product will be introduced officially
    to people during MIHAS. Last but not least, there was other new product that
    will be developed soon which was based on ‘Masak Asam Pedas’ and yellow
    noodles. Hopefully, we are still there when they develop those two new
    I think, that’s all from us for the time being. We will
    update our new story further. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit MIHAS
    on 7th April, Saturday as it will be open to public. Don’t forget to
    come to our booth as we will be there to experienced how to meet people at big
    exhibition like MIHAS and also to help the team to promote the new product.

    Love to see you guys there!!!