10 January 2010

Dunkin' Donut

yes,kat cni wat donut yg terus mkn je. atau istilah yg best ckit'ready to eat donut'. frozen donut xde. tp ade frozen bun and pizza asthose are also dunkin' donuts' products. beza dunkin and another brandof donuts store is their making and the way the donuts areserve..

contoh la, klu big apple, they all buat fresh kat dlm outletand put all the donuts in the showcase rack tu.then the customer willqueue and pick all their desired donuts then pack n pay.

differentwith dunkin, we all make all the donuts that have been ordered fromthe outlets in the kitchen. atau nk lg mudah faham, setiap outlet akanbuat tempahan donut kat kitchen (KILANG) dunkin donut which is atours, the one that me and other 3 doing the LI.

lepas dh siap sumedonut tu, termasuk decoration, kalau kat sane kita panggil finishing,then baru la kita distribute ke outlet2 yg menempah tu. bile donut tusampai kat outlet,all of them will be placed in the showcase rack.

then customer yg nk bli kne msuk outlet n buat tempahan donut. theyall usually akan duduk n have a relaxing there. konsep dunkin is kindacafe jgk.

kat kitchen, atau kite selalu panggil production line, akanade 2 shift. bg production utk shift malam, distribution akan runpagi. shift pagi pulak, product die akan kite distribute petang..

camtula serba ckit..nk share lg sbnrnye..tp byk sgt pulak nk taip.kitashare ckit2 dulu la ye...hehe:p..rindu la kat jue..n kat smua member2dan lecturers..kne encourage yg xde google account, buat account. sodat blh join grup ni..

oh,td our training manager ade bagi homework. wecall her Gejie..she likes to ask many things while we do the practicalsession. its good actually as we can improve our self in amny area.contohnye, kite akan bergerak lebih pantas dari biase to get all therelevant information about food, means all the products, then we woulddrive ourself towards many others infomations...

and i really impressof her and all the boss there. they all are very helpful. for u guys,yg dpt boss frenly n helpful tu..i rase kte kne ambil peluang ni to belike them. they all have their own standard and as a practicalstudent,kte kne bijak and berani utk berkawan dgn mereka ni. be indunkin also taught me how to be professional in dealing with peoplearound.

if we wanna work in the industry nanti, kualiti2 macam ni mmgdiperlukan. and like my general manager said, also set our standard athigh level. bkn bermaksud ade standard yg tinggi kite blh memperkotak-katikkan org bawah. NO!!.Tapi untuk kita capai kualiti dalam bidang ygkita ceburi ni. and when we have that level of standard, therefore weare able to help others to be like us..achieve the standard, achievethe quality. we still have several month to make all out, improvingourself.

macam yg prof kate, kita kne USAHA. nk berusaha, kita kne tauape nk capai n ade kemahuan untuk mencapainya. klu tak, everythingthat we do now, is nothing.. k la, terbanyak taip pulak.hehe..mintamaaf2...