10 January 2010

Dunkin' Donut

nk share jgk experience LI di dunkin donut(DD) tp ni psl kne kerja kt outlet dunkin donuts plak..

hiz dh cerita psl production..outlet ni pon one of the most interesting part.. we've been divided into 2 groups..me n hiz...su n basnah.. For the first round basnah n su will be going to the outlet..basnah- midvalley outlet n su- KL sentral outlet while me n hiz stay at the kitchen

yesterday we've been giving talk by the training manager..n guess what outlet DD sngt strict dengan rulesnye..The most important thing is to smile to the customer because they pay our salaries.=) we've been taught about the retail food safety system(RFFS). RFFS is all about personal hygiene, sanitation and chemical control.

The manager also explain to us about the DD shop rules..about the scheduling& attendance, uniform and also grooming..ini semua amat dititik beratkan. DD shops use the principle of QSC & V. Q-Quality S-Service C-Cleanliness V-Value

DD shops ada varieties of products selain drpd donut..antaranya yang plg popular adalah croissant and sandwiches..n don't forget to try this..Smoked Chicken Breast every staff kan diuji sama ada dapat menyediakan mkanan yang diminta pelanggan dengan baik dan dlm msa yg ditetapkan..their target is 100% The marks are either 100 or 0..this is what basnah n su will be facing in the next following weeks.. n dorng wajib make up n if not the whole crew boleh kne denda..

hehe u have 2 now mcm mne nk greet ur customer n attrack them to buy DD product lebih drpd apa yng mereka bercadang untuk beli..if they only want to buy donuts u need to suggest them to buy coffee and sandwiches..

6 rules of customer service in DD shops are: 1) Greet 2)Take order 3) Up selling 4)Assemble the orders 5)Take payment 6) Thank the customer n ask them to come again..

Smlm we all been tested about all this..ada ujian bertulis untuk setiap perkara yg diajar di sini..

Ape2 pon tq so much to prof sbb hantar kami ke sini.. Selain drpd dapat apply apa yang dipelajari dlm course food tech kami juga dapat belajar bagaimana sales dijalankan..

We also can boost up our confidence level in here..we speak english most of the time. Hope all of us dpt menggunakan peluang yang diberi semasa LI ini sebaik mungkin.. Thank u..=)