13 April 2012

Ajinomoto by Nor Syakira

    Assalamualaikum and hi !
    Firstly, we’re deeply sorry for the late story from Ajinamoto.
    Actually, kitaorang kind of busy here (ok tipu), pura-pura busy.
    Hehe.. There’s thousand of things that we would like to share to you
    on what we’ve been go through, in about two months doing an internship
    at Aji.
    We’ve been placed at Production department, where at here people
    called it P2 or Tencho. In P2, it was divided into several sections,
    producing a different raw materials and products. We’ve been exposed
    on how Special Standard Operation (SOP) works, the quality system
    applied, their safety, quality and environmental concern, man power
    management, the theory behind the operation, and many more.
    Observation and understanding of industrial scale machine was done,
    rather than lab scale machine. At Aji, there’s a huge, seriously very
    huge spray dryer. There’s a stairs, that connect all the spray dryer
    components, and if you’re gayat, its better awal-awal give up jangan
    naik. Hehe...
    But, one important thing that you have to bear in your mind, tak kisah
    lah, time internship ke, time kerja nanti ke, BE NICE to people around
    you. Talkative also. Tapi, its kind of difficult maybe, lagi-lagi, all
    of sudden we have to be friends with people yang tak baya kita. You
    all know right? Yeah, its seriously mula-mula, I feels like malu-malu,
    susah nak masuk, feels like I have to always respect them, but, you
    know what, they all ok la. If we know them, sometimes they all pun
    huha huha jugak. But, the best things being a practical student, I can
    talk or friendly maybe to all worker levels. It doesn’t mean when
    you’re not a practical student, you can’t be friendly to all people.
    But, uhh I don’t know how to say it lah. Its means, we have more time,
    to berdiskusi or borak-borak maybe,hehe... For example, when we’re
    enters a production area, we talked, learned and asked to the
    operators and supervisors regarding to the operation procedure. Then,
    we discussed the theory behind the operation with the executive and
    manager of that production/section. So, all I can say is, people at
    Aji has help me a lot in learning and experiencing a new things.
    At Aji, we’re more focusing on observation and learn their operation
    in producing their products. There’s a HVP production, then from
    liquid HVP, they change it into HVP powder form by spray dryer.
    There’s a fluidized bed dryer, pasteurization, and many more things
    yang ada kat Aji, but not in our study. So, it better to selak-selak
    balik our Food Engineering, Principle of Food Processing, Unit
    Operation in Food Processing subject, when you are placed in
    production department.
    Besides, we have to work on our APS project, on how to improve
    packaging time in production. But, maybe next time, we’ll tell you
    more about this. And one more things that very very very important is,
    we do really miss you all, friends and all the lecturers in Unisza,
    especially all i <3 foodtech group members, hehe... 
    Keep in touch dear!