08 April 2012

Zara Foodstuff by Siti Balqis

    Sorry for the late news from Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd. I had
    been here about 7 weeks and placed at QA department with a student
    industrial practical from UPM.
    For information, Zara Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd was established
    from 1987 at Larkin, Johor Bahru. Food products of this company had
    name below Cap Kipas Udang brand. There are 4 products, namely Soya
    sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and Sri Kaya (coconut bread spread).
    In this company, giving jobs opportunities to 300-400 employees
    included office, fermentation, processing, and production.
    In QA department, there are QA Manager and three QA officer. One of
    the QA officer, En Azizol bin Salim that also our senior as my
    supervisor as long I’ve been here. The QA officers helped and give me
    guideline during in period of practical.
    The training modules developed by QA department:
    1. Introduction to QA department, quality control plan and process approaches
    2. On job training
    i. Soya Sauce
    ii. Tomato/ Chili Sauce and Sri Kaya
    iii. Production
    iv. Fermentation
    With the training modules, it helped me to understand scope, duties,
    and person in charge in the company regarding the overall processing,
    incoming material and end product.

    The Zara Foodstuff’s products not only market in our country, it also
    export to other countries like Singapore, Brunei, United Kingdom and
    Australia. For each country, there are different codes for each
    product. So at the 1st week, I had to remember codes for each
    For soya sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and Sri Kaya product, I had
    learned each process activity based on the process flow and quality
    control plan. There are daily in process quality control activity that
    has to do for soya sauce, chili sauce and tomato sauce.
    In fermentation area, I had learned from soy bean until it formed as
    ‘Koji’. ‘Koji’ fermented in fiberglass about 2- 3 month. I got chance
    to look the ‘Koji’ by climb with stair because the height of
    fiberglass about 2 feet. Leader of fermentation, Encik Rizal
    explained about process of ferment soy bean from 1st method until get
    the ‘ Moromi’. Workers at this fermentation area also help me to
    understand about the process of fermentation. Inoculum needed to
    ferment the soy bean usually made by QA officer, Encik Azizol. He
    explain how to make the inoculum and I had did the starter with my
    practical mate. In processing making the inoculum, precaution step
    applied due to handling with Aspergillus oryzae that may will give
    infection to human and the inoculum may not in good condition. Some of
    equipment that used is autoclave and laminar flow. Even made the
    inoculum takes time, but I really excited because it’s an important
    ingredient in fermentation.
    Processing area divided into three parts, soya sauce, chili/tomato
    sauce and Sri Kaya. Biggest part of processing area is processing main
    product that is soya sauce. For each step of processing, I had chance
    to look the workers did the soya sauce. For each step, the sample will
    analyse by QAO, but now the sample check by my practical and I to make
    sure the soy sauce follow specification that fixed by QA department.
    For soya sauce:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    pH meter : pH and temperature
    Baume hydrometer: Specific gravity
    Salinometer : Salinity
    For 1st week, it difficult to me to differentiate sweet soya sauce and
    salty soya sauce by not tasted the soya sauce. But, now I already know
    to differentiate both of them and familiar with the taste soya sauce
    I had learned making the chili and tomato sauce by leader of chili
    sauce and tomato sauce, Encik Salleh. There are two types of grinder
    that used to grind the ingredients used. Sample of chili and tomato
    sauces also have to check before and after cooking process. I also had
    to taste the sample for every batch of sauce. So, I can know either
    the sauce acceptable with the specification. For chili sauce and
    tomato sauce:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    Consistometer : Consistencsy
    Viscometer : Viscosity
    pH meter : pH
    Sri Kaya ( Cocunut bread spread) used steam-jacketed barrel to cook.
    The product also has to check after cooking process like sauce. For
    Sri Kaya:
    Refractometer : Brixᵒ
    Taste, texture and colour.
    InsyaAllah, next update, I will share to you all about production,
    others experience and project that given by my supervisor.