22 April 2012

From Dunkin Donuts


I think today I have some time to update you on things happening here. 
For me, my life full of busy office works. Acap and Faizol still on 
the production line, but this time acap went on to move into the night 
shift on 7pm until 3 am. Faradila is in SOGO while Roshaida and 
Noramyra still in KL SENTRAL. 

Acap- Apparently due to lack of manpower in the night shift, acap was 
transfered to the shift till today. Acap also held responsible over 
the Low G.I bakery products research in which uses low G.I flour mix 
consisting of low protein flour added with seeds of sunflower (as far 
as I know). I'll let him use my motorbike as Faizol and I are using 
car so that we do not have any transport problems. Things are well 
here for acap I think. 

Faizol-He's good at production line now. I think he'd settled down and 
worked well. Sometimes when I got busy with office job, he actually 
helped me out counting the throw aways. 

Me: Me? Ordinary busy life in the office with new outlets opening at 
TBS (Bandar Tasik Selatan) and other three at Malacca. I also been 
given the job to make projection, sales sheets, HALAL documentation, 
stocks for entire Malaysia and Singapore outlets. and throw away 
analysis. Today is one of the busiest day here, people scrambled in 
and out looking for stocks here and there, HALAL documentation needs 
to be submitted by today, all to be done today. I managed to do some 
of it and the latter will be taken care tomorrow. 

Myra: I seem to know that myra was not well yesterday. Hope she's okay 
now. She rotated the shift with Kak da at KL Sentral. DD KL SENTRAL is 
located as opposed to the KFC in the second floor. Whenever I have 
free time, I'll visit KL SENTRAL too. 

Kak Da: Its about weeks I never heard of her. I hope she's okay. 
Perhaps she's busy handling outlets operations (big difference from 
here, difference challenges too). 

Faradila: I always saw her name on the throw away bags. Hahaha^^

    throw away means donat yang tidak habis, dibungkus dan dipulangkan kepada
    factory untuk dikira. Throw away berperanan penting untuk saya membuat
    projections, by mean prediction untuk donut yang akan dihantar ke
    outlet-outlet pada masa hadapan. Jika throw away count adalah tinggi, saya
    akan kurangkan jumlah donat keseluruhan yang akan diberi kepada outlet yang
    berkenaan. Optimum 10-15% throw away adalah yang terbaik.