05 April 2012

Madura from Siti Hajar Sahidi & Siti Nur Mohd Hanafi)

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone... 
This is the first post from us (Siti Hajar Sahidi & Siti Nur Mohd 
Hanafi) at Madura Industry. Madura Industry is a company that produce 
the product carbonated drinks. 

On our 1st day, we were introduced to 
our supervisor which is a R&D officer. For the first week, we were 
given task which is to develop HACCP manual for the company. This 
company already got GMP so they want us to help them get HACCP. We are 
supposed to present our work about the HACCP but due to other works 
that were given to us; the presentation was postponed to unknown date. 
On this week also, we were showed by our supervisor how R&D department 
do their work. We learnt how they do samples of drinks according to 
the formulation and the variances that they want to observed. 

For the 2nd week, we were told to do some formulation of their new 
product (Sparkling) according to the formulations that were given to 
us. The samples that were done were kept at different condition. We 
had to check the Brix value, salt level and pH for every sample that 
we did and observed the changes that occurred to the samples every 

On the 3rd week, we were ordered to go to the production area to help 
the process of making S. Salak from fruit to finish good. At the same 
time, we also enter the syrup blending room and inspect every 
ingredient that was going to be weight. We also went to filling room 
where carbonated drinks were filled and help out over there. From this 
week, we had to rotate our work with the other practical students. 

For the 4th week, we were asked to do stability test by taking 7 
bottles of sparkling finished good from the processing area and placed 
them at different conditions. The stability test were done for S. 
Pomegranate 8/3/12, S. Guava 5/3/12 and S. Guava 6/3/12. On this week, 
we also had to remove the pineapple skin due to lack of production 
workers to make pineapple juice which is used to make S. Pineapple. We 
also need to do some checking on the salt level, Brix reading and pH 
of sparkling finished good. 

The 5th week was not too busy as we only had to make 3 formulation of 
isotonic and each formulation need to be triplicate. Daily observation 
was made for each and every sample of the isotonic. Then we had to do 
documentation of GMP for GT Bioscience, sub-factory of Madura which 
produce cosmetic products. 

On the 6th week, we learnt how to use a manual autoclave which we 
guessed not being used by other factory anymore to sanitize the 
apparatus that we want to use for microbe test. We also learnt how to 
do microbe test by using Sim Plate which looked like the agar plate 
but not using the agar. We transfer the heavy autoclave from the R&D 
lad at Madura to the IPQC lab at GT bioscience and vice versa. In this 
week also, we learnt to do microbe test by using RIDA count sheet 
which looks like Petri film. 

For the 7th week, we went to GT Bioscience to record the results of 
our microbe test on the production product. We also study about new 
analysis test and do some short notes on the procedures. Then Siti Nur 
was asked to go to GT Bioscience to help our supervisor do formulation 
for cosmetic cream, product of GT bioscience. On this week also Hajar 
went to R&D lab to do pectin analysis while Siti Nur still not done 
with the cosmetic product. The works at GT bioscience continue until 
night. On Sunday of this week, Siti Nur still had to go to GT 
Bioscience to continue on the production of the cosmetic cream while 
Hajar continue on pectin test for other sample (basically S. Guava and 
its juice). On this week also, we did the microbe test using the Sim 
Plate for Total Plate Count (TPC). We also did the colour simulation 
for the sparkling product to get the same colour as the real 
production products (S. Pomegranate, S. Guava and S. Salak). Plus, we 
had to make formulation of sparkling by using the colour simulation 
that we did earlier.