24 January 2011

Ajinomoto by nurul afiqah

assalamualaikum :D
our week 2 here in Aji is less in terms of action and adventure if
compared to week 1. hehe. but never the less, we learn! learn! learn!
there's more sitting in the office doing our mini projects rather than
wondering around Aji looking for new things to look at (though we
pretty much covered the ground in the 1st week. i think. heh.) but
alhamdulillah all is well. :)
the highlight of the week i must say is the cooking class that we
participate here at Aji. yes! cooking class ladies and gentlemen!
believe it! we now can cook! i have a free apron to prove it. Aji
bagi. ngahaha. padahal gabra masa orang suruh tumis bawang jangan
cakaplah :P the cooking class was on friday after office hours. hehe.
stay back siap hah! ati was in team Seri Aji and i was Tumix. (heh.
baru terfikir. patut buat chant macam english week untuk team. "TEAM
ok. enough silly talk. heh. lets move on to serious business. :D
what i've learnt for the past week is that we should be friendly. the
key word for today is FRIENDLY ye. hehe. if we're too shy, do try. get
involve as many things at once as possible. whatever activity there's
to join, go for it! :D just imagine if you're a manager, a friendly
one. your workers working under your management would be pleasant if
you're around. wouldn't that be a great thing? instead of them praying
for you to get into a car accident and die? haha. we need to learn how
to communicate with different people. old, young, experienced, because
the industry doesn't only consist of youth like we are so so so used
to in class.

in class, when there's group work, it tests us how to communicate with
the group members. which have similar background as we do. but what
i've faced during these 2 weeks of practical the scenario is far
beyond from what we have in class. so, taking this opportunity to
learn how to be friendly would be a wise choice. because if we do
screw up, we're still students and not the manager just yet. :)

so apa tunggu lagi? on 'FRIENDLY' dan hantar ke 32999. ngehe. by the
way, asking questions about the company is only a part of being
friendly. tak kan nak tanya pasal company tiap tiap kali bukak mulut
untuk 4 bulan kan? but don't go around gossiping with the factory
operators pulak. :P pandai pandai lah kan. alah. dalam bahasa canggih,
friendly ni kira 'soft skill' lah. hehehe.

and also through this post i would like to wish all the LI students,
HAPPY THIRD WEEK LI ANNIVERSARY :P hang in there weyh! hehe. and happy
thaipusam to all. holiday! holiday! hehe. hope to share more soon.
assalamualaikum. :)