15 January 2011

HPA Industries Sdn. Bhd : First Edition

Salam ‘alaik.

Pretty funny when everyone was busy telling their experience in Facebook but unfortunately no one is free to drop something here. EXCEPT AJI and Omcorp gang. :P so… I’m doing my industrial training in HPA Industries in Arau Perlis. Made a hard decision to chose between H5 and HPA. But at the end, here I am. There are still two of my friends doing their LI in H5, I guess it is fine for me to learn something here. Plus, there will be much more choices for junior next year.
Back to the story. As most of my friends were placed in factory that basically related to food (something yang kenyang bila makan), mine is a bit different. I have been sent to R&D department and of course we
won’t do research everyday. So I have been helping the Personal QC running several tests on pharmaceutical products. There are 3 labs here; R&D, QC lab (pharmaceutical) and QC lab for radix coffee (Mai secawan!) and sauces.  Frankly, I have not been in the Radix QC lab because the lab is handled by all male QC’s.

As HPA quite strict in pergaulan between different gender (ikhtilat), thus I cannot just simple see what test they run there. But I’m planning to go there someday when all those guys takde. (Academic purpose takpe kann?)
Supposed some of my seniors should have done their LI here last year but something occurs and made them been transferred somewhere else… I have asked my supervisor about that and she says “ Head Officer for
R&D Department tak suka student ramai-ramai praktikal. Paling banyak pernah datang setakat ni, 2 je.” So, if any of the juniors who interested to do their LI here… max->2!
It had just a week here, but I have involved in researching and developing several products and the samples have been sent to somewhere in Penang. I guess in Jabatan Kimia Penang which means Nana/ Mizi will be analysing those samples later. :p Currently HPA still don't have their own food analysis or microbe lab
I have spent most of the time in QC lab and do some test for pharmaceutical product. Eg: moisture content analysis. There are also certain tests which I have never heard before. I’m not sure what they called it in English, so can I speak Malay? :p Ujian Pengecaian Kapsul. Untuk determine berapa lama masa yang diperlukan untuk capsule berkecai once it been consumed. This is one of the requirements by
Ministry Of Health, once a company produces pharmaceutical products.
Last Friday was the most busiest where the production line has produced a lots of batch product what makes the QCs have a tonnes of work to do in factory and they left me out alone doing all those
tests. At the end, one of the QCs almost fainted. Haha. But luckily I'm still on track. I deeply believe this due to stamina training during bakery lab that I've been through all this time without realizing it would be benefit later. Everything comes with a price, so hope all this hardship I endure will pay off later.
Info tambahan: pekerja berijazah diletakkan sebagai Pegawai QC. Jadi Personal QC dijawat oleh pekerja kelulusan STPM. Secara ilmiahnya, input mungkin tak banyak diperolehi. Tetapi masih banyak boleh
dipelajari dari pengalaman mereka. Untuk dapatkan info ilmiah-> kena balik dan cari sendiri.

Moral value of the story: jangan hanya tunggu untuk disuap. Anda takkan kemana.