24 January 2011

From HPA by Nadhirah Nordin

Salam ‘alaik.

Hey guys! It will be going the forth week of industrial training,
which means 11 more weeks to go. Running the same test during the past
weeks, and lucky enough when the QA takes me to the other branch
somewhere in Napoh, Kedah. They make cordial, RTD and also cookies
there. As the oven in FTM lab can be said big enough for me, the oven
they have here is as big as a store room. Haha. The machine they used
for RTD and cordial is almost same with the one used by World
Prominence. They have the extraction tanks to extract fruit juice,
cooking tanks, storing tanks, filling machine and also shrink

Back to Arau (place where I have been sent for LI), I have gone to the
pharmaceutical production line too. This factory has got GMP
certification, so I have to wear the astronaut suit. The personel QC
has explain to me the whole process from receiving the raw ingredient
until the packaging.

The busiest production line is the one which
produces pharmaceutical product and also Radix coffee as they also
have to covers Indonesian market. Rupanya for pharmaceutical product
processing, one of the step involve is polish process. No wonder la
capsule that we usually consume is always berkilat-kilat. Heheh. Plus,
there must be a machine called dust collector in each of the
processing room. The dust collector will act as a vacuum to suck all
the dust in the air to reduce it to acceptable condition.
There're also 2 different building produces 2 other products which is
coffee (Radix, Radix cocoa) and also sauces (chilli, Roselle). I
haven’t gone there yet, but that is not a big problem actually. I just
have to follow the personel QC when they have to check the product
later. Being too excited to learn too many things in one time might
not works right? So just make it steadily and constantly. (alasan..
hehe!) By the way, HPA also have their slaughtering house in Kodiang,
so hopefully I got the chance to go there one day.
I have told the QA that I would like to help them (anything that would
gives benefit tho the company). he suggested to help them in preparing
the GMP documentation/report for their new factory in Napoh which will
produces HPA cosmetic products. So I would be able to apply what I
have learned in Mr. John’s lecture on GMP and also my experience
during preparing our report for factory auditing.

But I just feel that
it is too hard for me to do it all alone to prepare the new factory
layout and also the requirement that they should have in getting the
GMP certification. Is it still can be considered covers what we learn
in our course Prof? It would sounds better if they ask me to help them
on their new food factory. Hehe.
So currently I have been helping the QA in preparing new version of
HPA R&D work description to replace the older version in order to make
their documentation up-to-date. And on the same time, I am still doing
all the lab tests (moisture analysis and also ujian pengecaian
kapsul). Remember the new product that we have been working on and
where the sample has been sent to somewhere else for further analysis
that I have told in the last post? We have received the analysis

Alhamdulillah, everything is going fine and the product will
be launch next month :) Insyaallah.

Reply from nurul afiqah at Ajinomoto,

hey hey nad! assalamualaikum :D just to share, here at aji also have dust
collectors too. so how do they make sure these dust collectors work? they'll
have a test called 'particle count test'. so if the particle count results
is higher, there's something wrong somewhere. the dust collector is actually
extremely important especially when handling products with powdered spices
ingredients because without it factory operators may be facing serious
respiratory problems (rs amek medic plk instead of food tech dgn statement
tersebut. hehe.)