24 January 2011

Rikevita by shela ariff

Dayah MN has been told what we already do in Rikevita for this 3 weeks....
If Dayah MN more focused to do analysis for EP (emulsifier preparation)
I was heavily involved for the EMA (emulsifier monoglycerate acetylated)
analysis products.
The samples for EMA products are usually in the powder, liquid or in the
semi liquid form.

I usually tasked to carry out analysis for the product in powder form.
Only 2 days before I was running a new analysis for the samples in the
liquid form.
Just like Dayah MN said, all the analysis just like chemistry experiments.
I have to deal with all sorts of dangerous chemicals.
So safety is a priority, I always wear gloves and mask when carrying out
At the moment, Me and Dayah MN run a different analysis....
Dayah MN need to run for microbe test, fat analysis
(soxhlet),LOD (loss on drying), RI, and viscosity for EP products.
While, I need to run a test of IV (iodine value), AV(acid value), SV
(saponification value), OHV (hydroxyl value), and GPC (gas permeation
chromatography) for EMA product.

Let me share the function of all analysis that I have been done...
  • AV = to test the num. of mg of KOH required to neutralised free fatty acid in 1 g sample.
  • IV = to test the num. of g of iodine absorbed by 100 g of fat under test condition. it measures unsaturation of fat and oils.
  • SV =  to test the num. of mg of KOH required to neutralised free fatty acid and saponify the esters in 1 g of sample.
  • GPC = determine and quantitating the specific types of esters present in the product by separation using mobile phase and stationary phase. Usually, the types of peaks are show the present of TG (triglyceride), DE (diester), MG (monoglyceride), DG (diglyceride), FG (freeglyceride) in the sample.
Other that, I also need to check the particle size of the sample. This
analysis only done if have a request from customer.
Particle size analysis is a simple test. Just like a sieving test that we
had learned in class Pn. Norlia.
The function of this test to ensure that particle size is always in the
specific range to avoid the product become lumping when processed.

I think enough for now. Me and Dayah MN will try our best to share our
experience in Rikevita.
just like Dayah said  "sharing is caring!!"........