24 January 2011

Region Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Under KFC Holdings) by Shazwan

Region Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Under KFC Holdings)

Hye everyone..salam semua

Seems that many of my friends already shared their valuable thoughts
and experiences.. So may I join you guyz here?? ngeh3 Since I never
post any of my experiences yet for the past 2 weeks of my
practical..so here we go..I’ll summarize up what have I did and what
have I learnt so far..

Ok..i request to have my practical under KFC Holdings and was hoping
they will send me to Ayamas Corp..but unfortunately they posted me to
Region Industries Sdn Bhd (RFI). But no regret..i still enjoy most of
my time doing my practical here! Ironically Ayamas Corp is just
adjacent to RFI T_T it so near..kalo jalan kaki pun peluh tak sempat
nak keluar sebab dekat sangat haha

Hurm...how am I going to start..its so much to tell!!  Fine..Let start
with this…to Prof Abdullah your ex-student Mr. Murat Hanafiah kirim
salam..im quiet surprise he is your ex student..anak didik prof
nampaknya ada di seluruh Malaysia haha..fyi he is our senior
production manager..a very important person in RFI..and Mr Murat is my
supervisor for this time being since our production executive had
resigned last November.

Owh ya..according to the formal letter given by KFC Holding..it is
clearly stated that they will attach me at production department..so
sadly I’m not much exposed in QC or R&D department..but I try to sneak
in to those departments and try to learn something! ngeh3 so far I’ve
asked QC seniors or even QC supervisors to know a little bit regarding
things that being conducted by QC department..*for example I watched
and learnt about CIP in mayonnaise station, asking what roles of QCA
at Bottling station and Hassia Station and many more. *Did you guyz
noticed that QCA doesn’t required any related food certification??
Just based on SPM, you can apply for the post of QCA...i thought this
post require at least diploma certificates in Food studies..but I
guess I was wrong…

So since my territory is only Production department…then I was
assigned to fully master this department in a period of a week..This
factory is quiet huge and even within two weeks…I still have many
questions in my head..To make this task even more interesting..i need
to explore this department by myself..ok..that quiet tough! Ahaha.

Based on what have I read on others comments on Facebook, many of my
friends need to do all the industrial works..in contrast, saya pula
tak berpeluang nak rasa pengalaman macam tu because major productions
flow are conducted by automatic machines..kalau ada yang perlukan man
power pun..pekerja asing dah cukup banyak dah..so I just observe and
observe..*pernah sekali saya cuba nak tolong buat kerja..tapi rasa
kelakar plak sebab macam berebut kerja dengan mat bangla tu..ahhah may
be sebab dia takut kene marah dengan line leader kalau tak buat kerja

My first week is mainly knowing who is in charge for every machines
and stations..There are several line leaders here..i need to know them
first..so that they can teach me anything that I need to
know..Here..public relations, confidence and being friendly are very
crucial..I learnt to be more proactive..dan pada masa yang sama saya
perlu ringan mulut untuk bertanya..kalau tak bertanya..then I learn
nothing..so kena buang rasa malu tu jauh-jauh..then lebarkan senyuman
anda!! Tanya khabar pekerja-pekerja tu..barulah bila dia nak share
ilmu pun tak rasa keberatan sangat ngee~

Owh  I almost forget to tell you guyz..RFI basically known for
products with the name of LIFE..from what I’ve learned..50% of the
products will be used by KFC and Pizza Huts Restaurants..30% for
exports and remaining will be sent to local markets. Usually products
will be export to Singapore, Vietnam (KFC), Bangladesh, Australia, UAE
and many others.

There are numerous products being produced here. Their major products
are chili and tomato sauces (sachet/bottles/ pouches), mayonnaise such
as 1000 island, mayo spread, salad mayo etc.. ( use in KFC’s burgers
and coleslaw, Pizza Hut’s Salad dressing) , spoonable jars such as tom
yam paste, chicken curry, fried chili. RFI also produce soups powder
such as chicken and mushroom soup (for Pizza Hut restaurants) ..and im
telling you guyz the list is unstoppable!! Haha too much to tell ..

This factory operate 24 hours non-stop..
If you guyz noticed at any KFC Restaurants in big cities especially in
Klang Valley, those restaurants are no longer using bottle sauces
anymore..Nowadays, they used sauce dispenser same like what McDonalds
Restaurants had used. Here, the machine used to produce (sauce
dispenser) is called as on-pack machine and the sauces are packed in
pouch with weighed of 3kg. It’s pretty new actually. According to Mr
Murat, this sauce dispenser (3kg pouch) will be the main product as
many KFC restaurants will use it soon. *agaknya KFC rugi kot sebab
ramai yang curi bawak balik rumah botol sos tu! haha sebab tu KFC
gantikan dengan sauce dispenser.

RFI has a new Mayo Plant and insyallah.. will be fully operate after
Chinese New Year. The old Mayo plant still required lots of manual
works but at the new plant, its much larger, almost fully automatic
and definitely it can produce bigger productions. Cumanya disebabkan
semuanya serba baru..machine semua still berkilat siap leh wat
cermin..haha..so masih banyak error lagi..dan product yang terhasil
pun tak memenuhi spec sangat..so they still try and error..still
experimenting to know which conditions are optimum for their

I also learnt the flow processes of those products from (warehouse 1
and cold rooms) where there kept their raw ingredients until they
palletized those products and kept them in warehouse 2 as they are
ready to be lift up and move into uncountable container lorry for
transporting purposes.

Those workers are so nice and welcoming…they share anything that I
asked without hesitation..Although they have no degree or diploma
certificates..but their 10-13 years of experiences worth even more!
You can ask anything…and in just a blink of eyes they can answer it!
Kadang-kadang tu mereka terang terlebih laju..haha “ pak cik stop
dulu..bagi saya tarik nafas jap..ok leh ulang balik tak?” Hahah XD

On 1978..this factory was located at Meru, Klang. Then on 2004, KFC
Holding bought 70% share holders of RFI and then they moved to the new
factory at North Port Klang. Banyak pekerja lama turut ikut berpindah
ke kilang baru dan bekerja sehingga kini..dan ramai dari mereka yang
telah dinaikkan pangkat ke line leader disebabkan pengalaman mereka
yang luas…

Cumanya mereka terangkan secara process flow je.. taklah scientific
sangat..for instance, I asked one of the worker at warehouse “adakah
bahan allergen diasingkan” dan dia jawab “yup allergen perlu
diasingkan sebab serangga suka hurung”. Although we know the reasons
we need to separate allergen and non allergen is to avoid cross
contamination..but might be his answer was based on his experiences..

Who knows kan? Huhu..so after asking them..i need to go back to the
office..open up the work manual instructions or SOP..and read it as it
can help me understand better.
Besides that, I also learned about HACCP, Sanitation programs and CCP
for each station. There are different uniforms for different stations
and different color code for each station. They gave me a lab coat,
boot, and disposable hair net. I also learnt about management. I
learned a little bit how a lines supervisor works..its actually pretty
hard..you need to know how to deals especially with foreign workers..

Did I tell you guyz there are lot of workers who are originally from
Bangladesh and Nepal?? *Orang Nepal rupanya macam orang melayu!! Saya
selalu salah sangka yang dorang ni orang melayu..haha. At the same
time, I need to learn their “language” as they are not that good in

The tips that I got from the supervisors is to restructure my
sentences when I need to talk with them..its more to ayat tunggang
terbalik ..Pernah sekali saya tanya “baiya bila sos nak start
jalan?”..and he is so blurred!! Then I restructured my sentences “
Baiya..itu sos cili..bila mau jalan?” sambil menunjukkan kearah jam
dinding..barulah dia faham..At first its quiet weird for me to
restructure my sentences but I think I already “master” this new
language :P

The production line will be hectic like crazy during downtime, because
it can affect the productions plan that already being planned for a
week. By this problem, many productions lines are disturbed. Some of
them need to be hold, or being put aside as “work in progress” (WIP),
rework or even worst the products need to be rejected. For example, if
the problem comes from filling station, the products can’t be filled
yet but at the same time the product has already being cooked

As the technicians struggling to fix that machine, the product’s
temperature may drop. Thus, it not fulfills the requirement of CCP
while filling process takes place (min 80c).  Waktu ini la QC sangat
diperlukan. QC needs to check and decide either to hold the products
or rework them (masak balik) or other options that suitable in that
condition. Sebab kalo temperature kat CCP rendah..kita tak dapat sos
yang mempunyai viscosity standard..ia akan lebih cair.. *Rework pun
bukan rework semuanya sekali gus..They will use only about 20% of the
rework products and then will be mixed up with the new
productions..sebab kalo rework semua sekali gus dikhuatiri akan
menjejaskan qualiti. Sebab tu kene guna 20% je..then next
production..gune lagi 20%...

I think i write too much already..Don’t know if anyone willing to read
such long post like this..haha Actually I want to tell you guyz about
the process involve in this factory..but I need to reconfirm  back
with my supervisor either I am permitted to do so.. I'm afraid I'll be
sharing things that I should not share..*I already signed the PNC
Hurm..to all my juniors especially to gentleman..kalau nak practical
tu carilah geng yek..sebab mostly foodtech ni ramai perempuan..Di sini
ada 5 orang student practical yang dari kos food tapi 4 orang tu
perempuan!! Saya seorang je lelaki..kalo ada geng rumah sewa pun leh
bayar kurang..segalanya urusan akan lebih mudah la..huhu
For my third week I already being assigned for two mini projects..im
quiet busy with those projects for a while..Hopefully I can share more
stories on my next post ..
Miss u guyz!! *Ok saya tipu..hahah