15 January 2011



dear all the foodtechheroes,,

First of all, tonnes of apologies from being delay updating news from here.hehe Luckily I have my industrial training at Faiza Spices not the Faiza Beras. There are 2 different factories which located at separate way.
The Faiza Spices is much more smaller than Faiza Beras

In my first day, i was introduced to my supervisor,the operators and other workers. They all are welcoming me in this factory. My supervisor En. Mohd Nazrila is a kind person which share every experienced he had. This making my jobs easier. En. Nazrila is a QA as well as QC and R&D Executive.

Its a blast  because En. Nazri have degree in Food Tech from UMS and he give me a tour around the factory, showing me the raw material store, the cold room,the grinder machines, the packaging machine and
so on. The rest of the day ended with me helping him to analyze the moisture content and the color of the product. The color test is using the Reflectant Tintometer. Every products should through this test.
En. Nazri also ask me a few questions about soxhlet, silo machines and many more  to know my basic level.
Moral: read a lot before you're entering the industrial training. The interesting part, during the 1st week here was I'm helping En. Nazri to prepare 6 different types of curry using various type of curry powder in market. Before cooking, En Nazri asked me whether i can cook or not,,its a shame to admit (anwser: pandai, sy pandai mask nasi n air..hahaha) Actually En. Nazri was former chef before entering Faiza, and the cooking session was at Faiza Beras.
We're actually cooking in front of  Pn. Najwa which is the CEO of Faiza Spices. Pn Najwa is daughter of Ummi (nama gelaran oleh semua staff, founder of Faiza -Hajjah Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad ) Faiza
Spices actually is trying to have new formulation in curry powder, and the cooking session is one way to it. During the cooking session Pn. Najwa is asking a lot to me compare to En. Nazri himself. Alhamdullilah i can answer all the questions well+ confidence. Because of that cooking session i smelled like curry along the day.
Moral: answer question with 100% confidence+eye contact+body language.

thats all from me :)
Nurliyana Ismadi