24 January 2011

Noraini's Cookies by nadiahramlan

Assalamu'alaikum to all heroes..

Emm..sorry for the lateness, reporting on our activities in NORAINI

Firstly, NORAINI COOKIES was located in industrial area..so there are
a loooooooot of bangla and indonesian here.. besides, most of the
factories here are engineering-based factory..it is hard to find women
in this area except in this factory... for the first time we were
quite scare being "swiit swiitt" by abangla but after 2 weeks : "alah
bisa tegal biasa".

There are 9 practical student here, 3 from UNISZA (4 months), 3 from
UPM (6 months), 3 from UITM (4 month)...

Basically, we were divided into group for RND, production, and
marketing (stay in the office).  But, for these 2 weeks, mun, faizah
and I just work at production area. All we did were making, packaging,
the spices and biscuits..and cleaning too.. before that, NORAINI
COOKIES also produce frozen food (sardine roll, curry puff), keropok
losong, spices, and biscuits. In simple words, we did what the other
workers (most of them are indonesians) did. And, we worked from monday
to saturday from 9am till 6pm. The OT is 6pm to 7pm.
Our work is like in bakery lab, no bench and handling the bread which just like baby
(as Mr Aziz said). Actually the bread is to be turned into biscuits
and baked twice. The biscuits (sugar biscuits and garlic biscuits) are
quite new product here. The garlic biscuits is new in market and quite
delicious. It was Pn Noraini's RND. Till now, we never made the main
product of NORAINI COOIKES which is the famous cookies (7 types of
flavour) iteslf.