09 January 2011


By nurul afiqah and izzati hashim; .

assalamualaikum. hi! :D sorry if it took us a while to share things
happening here at ajinomoto. but have no fear, were're here! hehe.
we are extremely blessed to be having our industrial training here.
there are countless new things that we get to see and experience each
and every day for these 5 days. the staffs here are very generous to
answer all our curious thoughts and explain everything from A to Z.
prof, send more students here in the future! :D it's really really
really great here! by the way prof, we met your ex student, encik
ariffin. he's one of the managers here in our department in ajinomoto.
encik arrifin is certainly a big help. he keeps us motivated to learn
more. :)

ok back to track. hehe. was going to share with you all what have we
been up to.

got yelled at by the guard from far 1st thing in the morning because
of not using the right pathway. haha. in ajinomoto all pedestrians
must walk on the pathway to avoid any accidents of forklifts or other
vehicles knocking off the pedestrians. so tak kira lah banggla ke,
practical student ke, manager ke, semua kena jalan kat laluan ni! so
juniors, if you see a bright yellow pathway in a factory area when
going for your practical in the future, use it! hehe.
so the rest of the morning we spent by being introduced to ajinomoto
and also introducing ourselves "saya nurul. saya ati. dari unisza.
dulu kusza. kat mana? kuala terengganu. apa? tak pernah dengar? oh
biasa lah baru." we got to know how our department really works and
all its sections of processing.

in the evening we visited the first section of processing managed by
encik ariffin. he briefed us in detail about the processing here. he
showed us around and it was certainly an experience having all these
huge tanks all around us.

we went to another section under our department. here we got to climb
a 5 storey high spray drier. "awak gayat tak?" that's the 1st question
the supervisor in charged asked. heh. he introduced to us all the
components of the spray drier. we got to see the inside of a 6 ton
spray drier and also how to wash it. :D

we went to the section where a lot of mixing goes on. heh. name it,
all the ajinomoto products are mixed here. non-msg products that is.
*ouh! nearly forgotten. for the record, our department only process
non-msg products. :) one of the cutest thing of all here is the
"rakuraku hand". hehe. it's a equipment with a vacuum to suck bags of
50kg or more (flour bags/ sugar/ etc.) helping workers lifting it from
point A to B. and we also had the chance to wear some sort of suit,
almost like a space suit, hehe. workers have to wear these suits at
high risk processing area.

we went to the final section of processing, packaging! we also were
assigned to our very own project on this day for our industrial
training here. my project was related to prepare and revise standard
operating procedures while izzati's is related to allergen.

we stayed in the office to start preparing for our project and went to
the related sections of the department to take pictures and ask around
about questions that we have related to our project.
we had certainly learnt a lot. even if its just 5 days. can't imagine
what we'll be learning more in these few months. can't wait! :D but no
matter how much fun we're having learning here, we still do miss
unisza. home sweet home kan? hehe. hopefully sharing this could
benefit everybody in any sort of way. hehe. till next time! lots of
love; foodtech  heroines from ajinomoto :P