24 January 2011

From Ajinomoto by nurul afiqah che suza

assalamualaikum. hi again! and there goes the third week :D hello
fourth week! hello one month!

firstly, i just have to get this out of my head. i've been meaning to
ask you prof. why not the juniors (or even the seniors could maybe
join too if they want) come visit the plant, ajinomoto? while we're
still here, it should be fun! but most importantly we could help you
arrange the visit from here with the company. and remember you did say
that you wish to send everyone to have their LI here? well here's your
chance to achieve a minor part of your wish. hehehe. ajinomoto really
favors people coming for visits. and i'm sure the visit would create
super strong bonding (super strong tu! :P) between the university
(specifically, the faculty) and ajinomoto. and and and the most
important part, the students get to learn :) so please prof, think
about it? :D

so just to share more what have we done here at aji, this week we get
to involve in allergen test sampling. it's at the spray drying
section. so again we get to climb the high up spray dryer and this
time we get to see the inside of its feeding tank. with the agitator
and all. so that was definitely exciting.

another newly introduced fancy food tech ish thingy we had this week
is the adour test. the funny thing is that we didn't even expect to be
involve in the test. but the supervisors we were with that day plainly
asked "nurul, azati, jom nak experience buat odour test x?" apa lagi,
ktrg pun ikut je lah! :D it's sort of like sensory test we've done in
the lab. but instead it's for odour.

in ajinomoto, only about 15
staffs are eligible to be a candidate for the test. to be a candidate,
they have to pass a smelling test (it's just like you have to pass
your computer test before getting your 'L' for your driving lessons)
and according to them the test was hard. so it's a big thing if a
someone passes the smelling test and be a candidate for the adour
the test actually takes samples from the odour released by the
products of aji and scaled according to the odour the samples emit. so
if it's too strong and is a disturbance to the environment when
released from the plant, a deodorizer would kick in and used to absorb
all the adour so that only fresh air is released to the surrounding.
so that's the story of odour test. the end. heh.

that's all from us for now. by the way prof, don't forget to think
about the suggestion earlier :D will share more soon insyaallah.