07 February 2011

Ajinomoto by nurul afiqah

assalamualaikum! :D hey hey. selamat hari wilayah! gong xi fa cai!

these all mean nothing but HOLIDAY!!! muahaha.
so for this time round i thought that it's getting a little bit boring telling what we're here doing bla bla bla on a daily basis. so i've just decided to list some of the random lessons here we learnt and hope it'll get your interest and more importantly also learn from it :)

1. the attire that we all (by we all i meant us the 6th sem students. heh.) call the "space suit" is actually known as SMOCK. isn't that just cute? smock! smock! smock! it's just fun to say it. haha. for those who is not familiar with the "space suit" or now known as the smock. heh. it is the attire that most of us get to wear in our factories when entering the high risk processing area (refer to HACCP lecture notes :P)

2. do you know what is a hopper? well we stumble upon it while doing our projects here. i'm not sure whether we missed it during lectures or it's not thought. well after all we don't expect to learn everything in class kan? so why not now go google it and share what you've found what actually is a hopper here at this group? :D clue: machinery related. (konon x nak suap la bulat bulat apa tu hopper. sruh la cari. huih rs cikgu sgt! :P)

3. haa and this was an incident i got into my first week in Aji. was walking through the spray dryer section and the supervisor was going on and on about the spray dryer. then all of the sudden i dropped the cap of my pen onto the floor. if it's in a classroom yeah it's not going to be that big of a deal. but since it's the processing area and not the classroom so yes it's a huge deal.

talking to self: "o'oh! i'm supposed to bring the click click pen and not this kind of pen with the cap. ok nurul afiqah. be strong. here comes the yelling about the pen from the supervisor." (chewah ckp english tu dlm hati. hahaha.)

supervisor: ahah! ni la contoh terbaik. dalam tempat processing x bleh bwk pen mcm ni. lain kali bwk yg mcm ni. (and he gives a big click from his pen.) nasib baik x jatuh dalam machine. kalau x jenoh tu.
fiuh! luckily there's no yelling but that's enough for me to go all around town looking for a click click pen for work. haha. so juniors a must have before going for your practical; a click click pen! :D

4. when people ask you something, don't ever go saying "entah. tak tahu lah." one thing i learnt here is that instead of saying that, say "saya tak pasti." hehehe. it's actually a very neat trick to learn. i discovered this after hearing almost each and every worker here in aji using it. but don't get me wrong. it's not for you to dodge the question. but instead it buys you time to search for an answer. this usually works well when bosses ask you about something and you've got absolutely no idea what he's talking about. hehe.

5. and since i'm all about SOPs now since my project mostly are SOPs for now, i've found these very mind awakening statement. mind awakening ke? haha.

a) "even writing an SOP also has its own SOP."
b) "if not written correctly, SOPs are of limited value. the best written SOPs will fail if they are not followed.

Therefore, the use of SOPs needs to be revised and re-enforced."
for now that's all i've got to share. hope you all get something out of it. insyaallah hope to share more soon. again, happy holiday to all! :)


p/s: prof said we all could go to the mift event the seniors are participating this end of february. there's no need of any payment but with that there'll be no food and drinks for us. but who needs food and drinks, kan diet? hehehe. jom! jom! who wants to go :D