07 February 2011

Bumi Hijau by Syimir

Assalamualaikum and good evening.

it's already been past one month since my enrollment in the Bumi Hijau Food Industry as a pratical student.
well, at first, i don't expect too much in learning about technologies as i already know that this is a medium-size company. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things to be uncovered within my this training period. my partner, Feazah whose nickname is Fifa were briefed on the first day. we are placed at six departments, namely storage, production, purchasing, processing, quality and processing department. we were given a timetable indicating the duration for our attachment in each department. and we are not training at
the same department. my first department is storage while my partner is purchase. we are lucky enough to be supervise by the company's quality assurance, freshly graduated from UKM, Miss Ain. She is very much involved in guiding us throughout our industrial training.

in the storage department, I was taught on how to record everything related to storage. goods in and out, delivery order, despatch advice and all sorts of things. I was helping to lift the products as well. sauce products ranging from 6kg up to 15 kg in a carton was what made me feeling exhausted. those products are kept in the store room and are to be delivered to forklift that transport them to the front for the van sale and supplier's orders. this chores were busily handled in the morning. my supervisor said that it was his intention to include me in lifting product as to make it apparent and understandable for me to understand the process.

well, you might be wondering, what was this having to do with quality or food technology. i can see on how storage operators apply FIFO(First In First Out) concept in storage keeping. As well as observing the condition of the store room. To be honest, there was not much to learn when it comes to our course, but i learn more about documentation and storage capacity. This thing can act as an add-value for me in terms of management skill as i learn on how to handle products and raw materials for recording in the storage

Supposedly, I have three weeks in this department. Another event shortened this duration. Bumi Hijau's executive project called us up to assisst to solve a problem were cases of melted or of low viscosity chili sauces in the market. We were required to conduct experiments to determine the factors for this event. What will happen? I'll continue on subsequent posts afterwards.