15 February 2011

From HPA by Nadhirah

Salam 'alaik.

this is my third post. so this time I would like to share my experience in R&D lab. I've been involving in developing new product since the second day of my industrial training. usually I help my SV (R&D officer) weighing ingredients according to the formulation. and there was a time where they were working on a cereal drink. so the big boss were doing the sensory test (comparing our sample with sample from other brand) and suddenly he said "haa. kamu ambil food tech kan? cuba rasa." the truth is, I had never try any cereal drink my whole life and I'm not interested at all to try it. but as the big boss suruh, so terpaksa la. hehehe. then he ask for my opinion. wahh. and i was wondering whether to be honest or to play safe by saying good
things? the truth is, the taste of the other brand is much more delicious but our product has a better texture.  luckily i chose to be honest. haha. and he did agree with my opinion. so friends, if you been asked for your opinion... chose to be honest. XD

last week my SV went to a convention. so i'll be in charge for R&D lab. the first task came when QC officer asked me to prepare 20 samples of our latest product to be sent to the HPA convention. the product consist of more than 10 ingredients. i started weighing at 10.30am and finally finished it at 4.30 pm. talk about tiring!

next few days, i have to develop a new drink product that combines 2 flavour. ALONE. which mean currently I'm doing the work that my SV usually been doing. HA-HA! feel like i'm one of important person here.

the whole week turn to be the buziest week after all. (weighing, changing formulation, find solution, sensory evaluation).talking about developing product, basically I'll prepare product based on a the current product formulation. then i'll change the formulation according to the result from sensory test. in simple word, try and
error. luckily all the staff usually all excited to evaluate the product and give their opinion. so i'll be jotting down thier comments and suggestions. then, i have to find the solution on how to improve it. for example, if most of them comments that the drink has less sweet. but the brix reading is already high. so i may change the
formulation by reducing the amount of sugar and add certain amount of stevia.

sounds like a pro- researcher eh? honestly, it is not that great. you know.. you've been trying so hard all day long just to prepare a brand new product and on the same time you have to accept all the devastating comments like..."apa rasa macam minum air masak je ni?"... "kalau jual kat saya, saya tak beli.". it will break your heart into pieces. haha. trust me. what I can say, this is the toughest part in R&D lab. it is not easy to accept others comments and remain our spirits on the same level.

usually I'll just smile and jot down thier comments. tapi dalam hati... "cerewetnye laa.".."eee.mengada-ngada."
"sabar je la." HAHA. and this process will continue until you finally found a formulation that make them say "sedap!" "terbaik lah." this time you can't even stop yourself from smiling the whole day.