27 February 2011

Dindings Poultry Processing by Siti Shafinas

Assalamualaikum to prof. and all the readers..
This is the first post from Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn.Bhd. I hope that the story that I will share with all of you can give some benefits and knowledge to all the readers. I will describe briefly about what I and azrini done here.
A bit on company profile:

        Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn.Bhd. is situated at Kg. Acheh Industrial Estate in Sitiawan, Perak and launched by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on 27 August 1990. I am very very sure that most of you out
there (especially who do not live in Perak) does not very familiar and kwon the existence of this company. Some of them also laughed when they heard this company names. Dinding is actually a district or daerah known as Daerah Dinding. However, the name had been changed to Daerah Manjung.
It is one of a subsidiary company of Malayan Flour Mills Berhad. The products are chilled and frozen whole chicken, cut-up parts, deboned meat and further processed products such as sausage, nugget and chicken meatballs. Some of the customers are Macfood, MacDonald, Wendy’s, Giant, Mydin and Domino’s. This company also supply products to Brunei. Other than that, this company also rear their own birds or chicken in their farm located in Segari, Kg. Kayan and Ayer Tawar.
  • All of the practical students are NOT ALLOWED to go to the further product department (FPD). The same goes to the R&D department.
  • We are not allowed to take any pictures inside the production areas except the products pictures. Any forms are also not allowed to be taken outside the company.
About working life in this company:

Every Monday to Saturday, I and Azrini will come to work as early as 7.30 am. This is all thanks to my mom for driving and sending us here by cars. It tooks about 20 minutes from my house to the company. Then,
we must punch card. Working hours start at 8 am until 5 pm. We go to Zuhur prayers time at around 1.30 pm to 2 pm. There are male and female prayers room.     Majority of the workers here are male and
specially imported from Nepal, Bangladesh and some from Myanmar.
On the first day working, we are given company’s uniform, mask, cap and boots. We also been given some briefing. There are 5 practical students here. All are in course food technology.
1 person-UiTM
2 person-UMT
2 person- UniSZA.
We are put under Quality Control and Halal Department. In this section, all the 5 practical students including me, will stay in the meeting room in QC section. If any meeting need to be conducted in this room, we will stay outside the room, where the tables of executive and supersivors are situated.
In addition, at this QC section, the places or ‘office’ for executive, supervisors and clerk are all in one place and there are no dividers among the places. All working positions assembled in one place. The supervisors tables are situated near the entrance door while the executives table are situated at the end of the office.
Mr K.Anuar had divided all of the practical students into five sections. Each of us will be in each section for one week and we will rotate. It started on 10/1/2011. The sections or department that I need to go will start from:
(a)      Spin chiller.
(b)      Laboratory.
(c)      Supply chain.
(d)      Halal and evisceration department.
(e)     Primary product department.
Most of the executive and supervisors here are still new in their positions and at this department:
(a)     Mr. Khidzir Anuar - His age is around late 30. He is the Manager of Halal and Quality Control Department. His wife also worked here as assistant QA manager. Her name is Madam Norenah Salleh.

(b)     Mr. Nizam - His age is around mid 30. He starts from working in the poultry farm as an ordinary worker and right now, he had been the Senior Executive for production under QC section.

(c)     Miss Azlina Zamri - Born in 1981. She is the QA executive and starts working in this company under this department around Mei last year.

(d)     Mr Aslah bin Kamaruddin - Born in 1985. He is the Halal and production executive. Recently got engaged. He also started working here under this company around Mei last year.

1. Since the rotation had already ended, usually I, azrini and also the other practical students will enter the production area by ourselves. We have to be independent and wander around the productions
area and also keep asking the workers or supervisors if there are any work that we can done or if they need any help.
2. Since we are under QC department, basically, all of us will do the work done by the QC personnel. The routine work we usually done these days are:
•     Checking the temperature of production area, tunnel freezer area and the products.
•     Removing the lung from the rib using knife and chopping board.
•     Checking skin, breast and thigh on the moving conveyor belt to make sure there are no foreign materials such as hair or stone or bone found. The breast and thigh usually are skinless and boneless.

BSL BRS = boneless skinless breast. BL BRS = boneless breast.
BL THI = boneless thigh. BSL THI = boneless skinless thigh
3. From office, we will first go through the tunnel freezer area to reach the production area. The temperature inside the production area is extremely cold which is under 13oC. It is very hard and difficult to stay in there for a long time. In addition, the products temperature must be always under 7.2oC to ensure the quality and
freshness of the products.

        Just imagine that we have to touch (using gloves) the skin, breast, thigh and rib of temperature under 7.2oC. Usually we can last not more than 2 hours in the production area. Then, we will go out from there
to warm our bodies or return back to the office.
EFFECT: After about one hour in there, sometimes the mucus or what we called as ‘hingus’ will suddenly flow out from your nose. Luckily we wear mask. So it does not obviously shown. The finger nails and finger
toes will turn into pale colour. Other than that, sometimes you might feel cramp and shivering. Even in the night, the effect of the coldness can still be felt. When I want to sleep, I can still feel the coldness and have to cover all my body with the blanket although the fan was not switched on.
SOLUTIONS: I usually wear a thick stocking, an extra clothes and sweater under the company’s uniform. Maybe I need to increase my weight so that I have extra fat that can insulate me from the coldness..
There are lots of knowledge and experience can be learned here. I get to see how the birds are processed starting from the receiving of livebirds, the slaughtering process to the production area and until the loading process. Although we could not stand the coldness in the production area, we try our best to stay in there as longer as we can.

        I, azrini and ain (from UMT) had been given new task on last Friday (25/2/2011). Actually, this is a group task. We had to do a video clip about the GMP of this company. The video clip will be used as a
briefing material for new workers. Before this, they only show files that contain the GMP materials to do briefing for new workers. Therefore, to do this task, team work is very important. The manager gives us time to do this project for 1 month.
•     By the way, on 7/3/2011, the manager said that this company will be visit by 30 students from UiTM of food technology course. So, prof. I think next time in the future maybe the food tech students from UniSZA
can arrange a visit at this company too.
Yours sincerely,
Siti Shafinas Bt Yusri Azhar and on behalf of Azrini Othman.