15 February 2011

From Omcorp by Zul

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

in this company, since we have four practical students, we have four main tasks that we rotated among ourselves once in two weeks.

the four main tasks are
  a) become production supervisor for pasta/spaghetti production.
  b) become production supervisor for product that get order from hypermarket chains/restaurants/individual.
  c) supervisor for packing and packaging lines
  d) administration jobs.

currently, i holding task number (b). and i already going through all the tasks. last week and another last week, i holding position for number (a). i was responsible for everything. from cleanliness, packing, stickers, quality and manage orders from other company.

the task begin when i received fax from the company that request the pasta. and i wrote it down and communicate with production workers on how many needed to produce how many kilograms of pasta. i must checked whether other ingredients enough for the production.

 i also dealed with problems that occurred such as over-produced and less-produced.the packing also must be clearly supervised. some packings might be defect and must be checked twice or thrice.in the end of production, i will record everything into a form. and continue with production if new order come.

the process is same if get task for (b).although we have different tasks, we also got common task among us
such preparing GMP documents. We already done Goods Recall Manual ISO 22000, sanitary checklist. SSOP also being done by me with my partner from UPM.

so now this week, i got task for (b). the hardest task. because slight mistakes can cause loss to the company and pushed us to solve any problems that occurred effectively. and the challenge is to minimize any mistakes.

and to overcome all the problems, we must established good communications bonds with other workers although they might less educated from us but they deserved equal respects and they will respect me as the supervisor although i younger than them. (actually i the youngest person in the company...hu hu hu)

 treat thems like friends. and i was grateful, when i have big problems regarding last week production, all these workers shows good team work and help me to solve the problems. and in the end we successful in finishing our productions and overcome the problems.

Salam Maulidur Rasul.