27 February 2011

From Noraini's Cookies by Nadiah Ramlan

It seems like most of the student's excitement during the first 2 weeks of practical had flew away...hehe
maybe they are doing the same thing everyday and the same story will rotating.
In the month of February, Faezah was sent to RND department (sampling the Biskut Raya with Pn Noraini), Mun do marketing in office (cash flow, audit etc), and I was asked to work on spices...
I will share my experience handling the spice premix. The spice production will be run if there is order from other company and personnel. Recently, Tabung Haji Travel ordered our spice premix for their own
brand. So, we are just manufacturing for them, which means, sell the products, not togather with company brand (Spice Paradise).

There are 6 types of premix ordered by Tabung Haji Travel for their TAHA brand. Kari Ikan, Rendang Ayam, Mee Kari, Sambal Tumis and Tomyam

The most painful moment is handling with ingredients like hot chili powder, ginger powder, etc.. mixing 50kg of the spices can make me sneezing more than 20 times a day. Moreover, taking breath in the air surrounded by spices will cause hand and area between nose and mouth become hot (pijar)- not only air taken in, but spices too.
After scaling and mixing, the third operation unit is packaging. The machine used is Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) machine, but it is quite traditional design. We have to control the insertion of premix into the rotary cup of the machine to avoid too less or too much premix inserted. Besides, we have to weigh again each packed spices. If rejected, the premix is processed again and the foil is wasted.
As the conclusion: The old invention machine require higher labour cost and increase the production time and cost. TQ