07 February 2011

Deligateaux from Fleura May

Greetings all foodtecheroes!

My internship in DELIGATEAUX (M) SDN BHD had already been more than 1 month and there are plenty of things that I would like to share with all of you which I have no idea where should I begin with. But I promise that I will jot down my experience here as simple and clear as I could so that everyone can understand.
Well at first, I don’t expect that I would enjoy having my internship in DELIGATEAUX because my first impression on this company was that it was a small company and I expected that I couldn’t learn much here.
Back then, I was also thinking of how this company can have such a broad market like what had been described from the website? I gotta find out. 

After one month working in this company, the experience that I get proven me that my earlier thoughts were wrong. I cannot simply judge a company by its surface. I truly feel that I’m extremely blessed to have my internship in DELIGATEAUX as the staffs here are very generous to answer all the questions and my curious thoughts. They are hilarious and freaking funny at times too! XD It is really great here and I recommend Prof. sending more students here in the future. =) Somehow, I feel like working life seem to be easier than
studying. o_O No idea where that come from. Hihi! =)
Alright. There are 9 practical students here which are 4 students from UNISZA, 3 students from UMT and another 2 students from UITM. For the UITM students, both of them has been enroll into this company a month earlier than the rest of us.

On the first day of our internship, we were assisted by Mr. Fuad, the assistant marketing manager of the
company. He gave a short business presentation of the company and explains to us briefly on what the company was all about. He also brought us all into the factory to have a look. We were then met the general manager of the company, Miss Roslinda Abu where she shares her experiences with us.

For your information, DELIGATEAUX has its own Café which is known as DUDUK CAFÉ in Solaris, Dutamas. Mr. Fuad, had divided 7 of us into 2 groups to work in DUDUK CAFÉ in Solaris and in
DELIGATEAUX office and factory in Bandar Pinggiran Subang. The first group was Haniza, Dayah Mazlan and Izzati. They are the ones that start their practical in DUDUK CAFÉ for the first 7 weeks. Meanwhile
the other 3 UMT students and I will be going to the Café after the 7th week.
In DELIGATEAUX also, we are not assigned to any department since the general manager mention that she would like us to learn about the company as a whole. So the trainees will have the chance to explore
every part of the company. Here, we were not assigned to any supervisor. Everyone will supervise you. So it’s good to have many sifu =) In Bandar pinggiran Subang, my job wasn’t entirely on factory alone. I also work in the office as well. Throughout these days, there are many things that I learn.

In the factory, the trainees were taught on how to make many different types of cakes, how to handle the machine, how to do the packaging for DELIGATEAUX product, as well as simple things like mopping the floor. Don’t be surprise someday if anyone found out that some students nowadays may know how to study but not knowing how to sweep or mop the floor. It is just an example. Part of learning experience. =)

During this period, I also learn about R & D and to be honest as I observed, they did not have a proper way to do R & D because I noted that in this factory, how they did the R & D was somebody will just simply jot down the list of ingredients that they need, let say…morn flake cake. Then they will choose on which method  they’re using for example fruit cake method or pound cake method or any other method of doing it. That's it. I think they suppose to have a proper procedure for that.

Meanwhile for the sensory test, it is different from what we have done in UNISZA. As far as I know and from what I observed, the sensory test was done among the DELIGATEAUX staff only where there were only limited comments that we can give. They should send more of the sample to DUDUK CAFÉ since there they can get an easy access to the customers and it will give a better feedback too.
Meanwhile in office, I was not only supervised by Miss Roslinda, but other staffs as well. I learn a lot from them such as Kak Ina and Kak Azian, they taught me on how to record for warehouse, how to count the
boxes and stickers of each product, as well as filing and arranging the invoices and delivery order into files. It was quite tiring sometimes because if there were even a slight mistake, I have to re-do the whole process all over again.

Anyway, I truly enjoy my work very much. Besides that, I was also taught by Kak Azian on how to count
sales. It much more simple than what I’ve been learning in account class back then =P XD She even gave me a task that was to count the company sales for 2010. It took me 2 days to complete the task since I have go through all the marketing files one by one and type each of them into the computer. Before I could handle the final copy to her, I have to re-check them all over again. Meanwhile Miss Roslinda, she taught me a lot for the past few weeks. She also assign me with lots of tasks. First task that she gave me was preparing power point presentation for Deja Vuu which is a new DELIGATEAUX Frozen Cakes. She also assign me to update the company facebook weekly, doing blogs for the company as a way to promote its product and the last task that she given to me before she resign on 31st January 2011 was making product quotation for DELIGATEAUX both in MYR and USD. Although she was resigned from the company, she told that she would still keep an eye on the company progress and will come once in a while whenever she has the time. Sad =( she was a good manager and I like her.

About 2 weeks ago, DELIGATEAUX also has its annual dinner. It was held on 28th January 2011 which was few days before Miss Roslinda resigned. It was the first annual dinner for DELIGATEAUX after 8 years they had been operating. The staffs also have been preparing for the annual dinner over the pass few weeks. From this annual dinner, it taught me a lot of things such as how we can get sponsors for the dinner, writing a proper letter to get sponsor from the suppliers and I was given the chance to communicate with the
suppliers to ask for sponsors. It is funny communicating with them. I got the chance to see the different behavior and character that they had. =) We managed to get quite a lot of fund from suppliers and
during that weekend also, using the remaining fund that was leftover from the annual dinner, the company giving us a treat to wet world! \

(^.^)/ It is a blast to be here and I treasure every moment. But no matter how enjoy I’m here, how much fun leaning here, I do miss UNISZA. Hopefully our sharing in this blog will benefit everybody.

That’s all from me today. There are more things that I would like to share but I have to end it here today. Bye! ^_-
p/s: I’m still on my Chinese New Year break until this Wednesday.
Actually, I only apply leave for 3 days but instead of giving me 3days
leave, they giving me 1 week. o_O  I love this company =D

Fleura Siew