07 February 2011

Retort Keropok Lekor by Zulhilmi

By Zulhilmi
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

1. firstly, do you remember Seminar teknologi makanan that being held
around april 2010 when our Prof adjung, Dr. Nasir and Dr John?

2. i remember dr. nasir said that now in food technology especially in
EU are pursuing to create foods that free from any preservatives and
the demand for that kind of foods will keep increase.

3. in case, for example, retort sausage or RTE sausages that free from
any preservatives due to treatment from HTST treatment. this cause the
sausage free from its main preservatives such as nitrite that can
binds with amino acids in meat at high temperature to form nitrosamine
that carcinogenic to human.

3. when i practical here, i still keep exploring how they want to
produce retort meat-based products and dubbed as the first company in
Malaysia doing that with halal.
4. then, i further my reading on this book :

5. Prof Abdullah once told us that CCP for usual food production is
just in minimal amounts and even in this company they just have 2
CCPs. but according to this book...the whole process to make retort
meat have 25 CCPs !

6. the retort process can be done by using autoclaves or retort like
in our makmal FTM.

7. MY POINT IS, the industry are competing to produce retort sausages
made from beef, chicken and so on. this new product will no need to
refrigerated and can be taken from the shelf like the chocolates and
eat directly without need for cooking. simple and convenience.  that
the food tech all about.

8. however, in terengganu, we have Keropok lekor. and i think why not
the fish meat can undergoes retort process, and produce retort keropok
lekor product , where can be stored for months without
refrigeration,and can be put on the shelf and can be consume

9. i guess the technology is still rare in Malaysia, and i might be
lucky to see how the Japanese done the retort-based product with their
own technology.

11. the retort-based keropok lekor also can be brought as space foods.
Sheikh Muszaphar can try it i guess...

12. like this company motto, Malaysian Halal with Japanese

Respond by Prof Che Abdullah :
The technology is already available in Japan. I visited a factory in
Osaka in 1987 producing shelf-stable meat sausages. The product is
also popular in China now.

By Zulhilmi :
yes prof..pn mazidah already say the same thing..the sausages that being
produced in china and japan...except they are not halal...thats why they
want to bring the technology to Malaysia..but wow, 1987 they already
produced it....we still lack behind..at least for a decade..2 weeks ago we
also got in our hands some of these products made from indonesia. now
indonesia already produced the same thing...this kind of retort sausages is
one of the products that create huge attractiveness during mihas 2010..